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Erika Jayne And Tom Girardi’s Former Mansion Has Been Burglarized

The hits just keep coming for Erika Jayne. It’s like there’s almost a chance Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be interesting this coming season. And can we please bring Kathy Hilton along for the ride this time?! We need her judgement to check some egos around here.

Erika announced her divorce from Tom Girardi back in early November after 21 years. We’re still wondering if it was all the fraud allegations? His supposed dementia? Or just the fact that she can’t be bothered with any of it? Through it all, the “XXpen$ive” artist is really sticking to that constantly irreverent demeanor. She’s recently moved into a $1.5 million home, leaving fans stumped. Her neighbors are even more traumatized. But thank god she sold all those designer clothes online, or she’d be out on her ass like Tom who has recently blown through all his cash.

Speaking of the $16 million dollar (former) Girardi home, The Blast is reporting that it has been burglarized! The break-in took place last month. It was pretty soon after Tom’s filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and having his assets frozen. Sooooo….that’s….something.


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It’s reported that the police came to the Pasadena home on January 22nd around 11:15 pm. The Pasadena Police Lt. arrived to signs of a forced entry through a broken window. It’s reported that police are unsure what was stolen. It is also unclear who was home during the time of the burglary, though the report indicates that Tom was living alone there at the time.

Tom bought the 4-bedroom, 6-bathroom, 10,277 sq. ft. home in 1980 (Erika was 9 then) for a cool $1.3 million. Apparently, over the course of the last 41 years, no one took the time to get a security system? Are there really zero cameras in this palace? I get that Tom and E are professional swindlers, but are we really serious with this? And honestly I don’t think this man claiming major health issues should be left home alone. He could get lost forever in that mega-mansion! And don’t they have several dogs? SO MANY QUESTIONS!


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Meanwhile, the trustee of the property is claiming “the property is not being adequately maintained and expenses of the estate continue to accrue including insurance payments.”

I really hope Erika brings it this season. She owes us. And honestly, I think she needs the work.


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