Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: White Dresses And Wedding Hell

Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

It’s wedding bells this week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! Dorit Kemsley’s getting ready for a big party for her new wedding dress collection. The weather’s not cooperating with her plans for an outdoor event. However, this is NOT her first rodeo. She knows how to throw a damn good party.

Dorit wants to transport her guests into the mindset of an actual wedding. Immerse events are always the most fun. People like to believe they are an interactive part of something. Experiences like that are EVERYTHING. She has a lot of work ahead of her, but I have no doubts it’ll come together.

Dorit’s forced to scale back her wedding dress party because of the pandemic. For someone who lives her life in excess this is constricting. I’m sure she’ll make it work. She never disappoints when it comes to throwing a fabulous event.

This is the first real thing Dorit’s offered us all season. It’s nice to see her show up finally to do her damn job. We love creating an issue with Garcelle Beauvais and a wedding dress collection in the fourth quarter. The season’s almost over, and she’s JUST attempting to do something now. That’s weak. Perhaps this should be her final season if she’s not going to put in the work.

Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kathy Hilton invites Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, & Kyle Richards over to her place, and she’s so damn wacky. She howls with her dogs as a way of communication. It’s cute, but it doesn’t feel like Kathy Hilton behavior. The pandemic left everyone (especially Erika) cooped up, so they’re getting a full spa treatment. The treatment is charged with reiki energy which Erika could use a lot of. Her life is nonstop hell, so it surely can’t hurt.

Luckily for us, part of the treatment involves having your mouth closed shut. Can we all talk a moment to appreciate Lisa finally being rendered speechless. Our prayers have been answered. No more talk of ‘owning it”. A gift from the gods.

Erika tells Kyle the door is closed on a friendship with Sutton Stracke. She has no desire to make nice with her. Erika tells an insane tale about Tom Girardi’s house being broken into and her son being in an accident. It’s hard to believe anything she says at this point. Everything feels so fake and contrived. The entire season’s felt like one long web of lies to set the stage for Tom’s defense.

How does Erika know any of this about Tom? I thought she wasn’t answering his calls. She withheld this information from the group yet again. The level of deceit is getting questionable as f**k. They’re constantly blindsided by Erika’s secrets.

Erika explains to Kyle she got a call from the police department about Tom’s burglar debacle. She still has allegedly not spoken to him. Kyle’s asking all of the right questions. She acknowledges how fishy all of the stories coming from Erika are. SNOWING IN PASADENA? What drugs does she think everyone’s taking to believe it?

Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

It’s double date night with Kyle, Mauricio Umansky, Dorit, & PK Kemsley. These two couples hang out lots outside of the show, so it’s nice to see a genuine friendship displayed. Great chemistry as friends!

Kyle tells Dorit the highly unbelievable story Erika dished at Kathy’s. Nobody in their right mind should be buying anything Erika’s selling at this stage. It’s so far fetched. It’s getting way too outlandish.

PK doesn’t believe both Erika’s son and Tom both flipped their cars. He thinks Tom lied to Erika, and Erika went along with it. The relationship was seemingly highly controlling, so that could actually make sense.

Neither of the men are accepting anything Erika’s divulging. Her credibility is nil. Her social media is full of bad PR moves. She’s ruining any chance she’ll have at making a comeback in the future.

Garcelle Beauvais Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Garcelle’s solo scenes are always so much fun. Her life feels so light and fresh. It’s a much needed reprieve from the heavier group scenes and drama. With so much shit going on with Erika’s crumbling facade of a life, Garcelle brings JOY to the show.

Garcelle creating a Bumble profile is quite actually EVERYTHING. I met the current love of my life on Bumble, so perhaps that’s a sign of the site’s success. Garcelle wants things to be organic like a fairy tale, but how realistic is that? Go with the times and get yourself out there girl.

Garcelle wants a man who is confident in himself in every way. It doesn’t take long for gorgeous men to flood Garcelle’s matchmaker’s feed. With bodies like the men on her timeline, Garcelle won’t stay single for long because she is SPICY SPICY.

I wish Garcelle could bring this energy when she’s with the group. It’s horrible how much she feels like an outsider because she has so much to offer this group. If they let her be herself and not have to be on the defensive, her experience might be more positive.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Crystal’s in the process of finishing her basement, and it’s starting to look decent. The concept is breathtaking. Basically everything you could ever want in a fun room, they’re doing. Jealous!

The total for this room is sitting around half of a million dollars. Granted, it looks AMAZING. However, that’s a heft price tag for some underground play toys.

Kyle expresses her confusion regarding Garcelle picking a fight after the Haitian dinner. Crystal doesn’t see the exclusion in the group that Garcelle’s always expressing. It’s brought up quite a bit, but not everyone is getting the same vibes about it as she is.

She doesn’t have the amount of friends like a lot of the women have. By having less close friends, it’s easier for Garcelle to feel like an outsider in the group. She can’t seem to get close to most of the women.

Garcelle Beauvais Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Crystal’s floored by Dorit’s setup for the party. It feels completely like an actual wedding. Dorit’s gone above and beyond to make this a night for everyone to remember.

All of the women knocked their looks out of the park. Sometimes they go a bit overboard, but they always look above and beyond. You get the glamour in Beverly Hills. They’re here to give the people what they want!

The reveal of the wedding dresses was actually super cool, so shout out to Dorit. If she wanted a memorable moment, she surely succeeded in doing so. These designs are out of this world stunning.

After the event, the ladies gather around to a chat about a recent salacious comment of Garcelle’s. A comment during a talk show appearance has rubbed a lot of the women the wrong way. Dorit doesn’t like Garcelle telling the press people are coming after her. In her defense, that’s exactly what Dorit did. She chose to concoct an issue with Garcelle out of nowhere. Garcelle’s allowed to have and is entitled to her own feelings about her experience in the group.

Dorit thinks she gave the one liner of the year by talking about the four languages she speaks. Good for you. Are you collecting the type of checks that Garcelle is? I didn’t think so. Sit down because you won’t want to make that comparison.

It’s true nobody really takes Garcelle’s side in any of her issues. With the exception of Sutton, the other women gravitate toward the person she’s sparring with. Lisa never made a genuine attempt to repair the friendship. However, Lisa doesn’t see things that way. She doesn’t see an injustice taking place when Garcelle’s making jabs in the press.


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