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Andy Cohen Calls Out Erika Jayne In Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion Trailer

The most explosive season in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills history is wrapping up this week. And you know what that means — the reunion is right around the corner. The 4-part reunion will feature Andy Cohen and the ladies diving into the Erika Jayne of it all — her divorce, her legal troubles, and her tone-deaf behavior on Twitter. Erika’s been acting like she’s the only victim in the situation. And coming for her co-stars, like Sutton Stracke, who ask her simple questions. What she should be worried about are the REAL victims who are coming for her for the money that they’re (allegedly) owed.

Bravo has released the trailer (via Page Six) for the upcoming RHOBH reunion and boy is it a doozy. Andy literally tells Erika that he’s going to “put [her] on a skewer” and “fire up the barbecue” to ask questions about her divorce and Tom Girardi’s alleged shady business practices. It’s been rumored that Andy doesn’t hold back from questioning her. So much so that they apparently get in a heated fight, and a bit was teased in the clip.

At one point, Andy asks why Erika didn’t leave Tom sooner considering their icy marriage that may or may not have been impacted by infidelity. Erika responded by crying poor me, insinuating she had nowhere to go without Tom’s financial assistance. And Andy clapped back, “I know what you make on this show.” YES TELL HER ANDY! Like this woman has a boujee home in Los Angeles and she’s crying poor me. I cannot feel bad for her.

Erika is seen stumbling over her words, lashing out at her co-stars, and trying to play innocent and intimidating at the same time. It might work for the RHOBH ladies like Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards, who are too scared to ask questions. But Andy sees right through it. In another clip, Andy asks the group who thought that Erika knew about Tom’s legal troubles prior to the divorce. And the Ice Queen starts melting. “Can someone please back me the f–k up on what I’m saying?” she said. No girl, not when there’s $20 million-plus in your bank account that you keep on denying. As Sutton said, we’ll never get the truth with this girl.


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Andy is putting in more work (aka throwing hella shade) than some of the OGs in the reunion trailer. Erika calls him out for rolling his eyes and Dorit Kemsley claps back at him for yawning while she’s talking. “Am I boring you?” Dorit asks. How many times do people have to tell Dorito she’s long-winded until she finally learns? But Andy apparently did know about the Erika situation for years, so he has to have plenty of thoughts.

There’s also a contentious moment between Kyle and Dorit vs. Erika regarding the dinner party where the ladies and their husbands laughed at Erika’s wild stories. Kyle clapped back by saying she can’t control what her husband says, and Erika goes off. “And you know what? I can’t control what Tom Girardi did,” Erika said. CHILLS. GOOSEBUMPS. PURE DISNEY VILLAIN VIBES.

There’s so much packed into the two-minute trailer. Rinna and Garcelle Beauvais go at it, as do Garcelle and Door-It. Kathy Hilton brings receipts — no, they literally look like little notes written on scraps of paper from her purse. Erika calls Sutton the “see you next Tuesday” word and more. Like Erika says in the beginning, there are going to be winners and losers at the reunion. She might think she’s on the winning team, but really the viewers are the ones that win. We finally get to see Erika have to sit down and answer questions head-on without hissing her way out of it. Bring it on.


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Check out the trailer below


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