Cynthia Bailey Asked Teresa Giudice A Lot Of Questions About Jail While Filming Real Housewives Spinoff

There are undeniable truths in the Real Housewives universe that we’ve all come to accept. Sonja Morgan will continue to be a top-tier housewife despite having the same storyline for 10+ seasons. Gizelle Bryant’s fashion sense will always be tacky. And Teresa Giudice never handles it well when people bring up her stint “at camp,” aka prison. But according to Cynthia Bailey, Tre might have turned a new leaf while filming Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. And won’t “blow her casket” when someone says the “p” word anymore.

In an interview with Access, 50 Cynt dished on all things RHUGT. From the looks of the trailer, Ramona Singer will be on another level with causing drama with the girls. But are we surprised at this point? She’s the Ramonacoaster for a reason. Plus, all of the ladies involved with the first season have big personalities. So when you put them under one roof, drama is bound to ensue.

Cynthia talked about her new friendship with Tre and the respect she has for the MVP of Real Housewives of New Jersey. “You know, she has been through a lot. She has been through more than any of us. She is still standing and she’s happy,” Cynthia said. I love love love when housewives show respect to fellow OGs.


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50 Cynt then went on to say she was “obsessed” with asking Tre about jail. Yes, she said jail. Not camp. Someone bolt down the table. “I couldn’t wait to get her by herself and ask her, ‘Girl, what was jail like? What did you do in there? What did you eat?’ I needed to know everything,” Cynthia said. While we might expect Tre to go off the rails when someone brings up her stint behind bars, she was apparently receptive. “She was so giving and transparent,” Cynthia said. The namaste was strong in Tre that day.

As Tre’s mentioned in the past, Cynthia said that Tre told her about getting into yoga and cooking while in the slammer. “I don’t want to spoil too much but I’ll just say she was one of the ladies I was most interested in getting to know. And I was surprised we had the most in common.” 50 Cynt apparently can’t say the same about Kyle Richards. But she added that if she ever had to go to jail, she’d like to request to go to the one Teresa stayed at. Tre must have talked up the joint or something.

In theory, Tre and Cynthia seem like polar opposites. Cynthia is very thoughtful and calm while Tre can be impulsive and explosive. However, mutual respect is clearly there. And now that Cynthia’s days on Real Housewives of Atlanta are over, she’s not afraid to ask the burning questions she still has left about the Bravoverse.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]