Sutton Stracke Says That Erika Jayne Made A Worse Threat “That I Took Very Seriously”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was all about Erika Jayne’s legal and financial problems this season, and the one co-star, Sutton Stracke, who dared to stand up to her. Sutton deserved three diamonds this season.

Tom Girardi, Erika’s estranged husband, was accused of embezzling $26 million that belonged to his legal clients. That includes the Lion Air Flight 610 crash victims, who were due to receive $2 million. Tom allegedly transferred $20 million from his law firm, Girardi Keese, to Erika’s company, EJ Global. The RHOBH star filed for divorce from Tom in November of 2020, but it was allegedly a scam to hide assets.

Earlier this season, Sutton called a meeting of her RHOBH co-stars, but excluded Erika. She didn’t want to be dragged into Erika and Tom’s dumpster fire of legal problems. Sutton had a good reason to be concerned. In a deleted RHOBH scene, Sutton revealed that when she found out that Erika was getting a divorce, she offered the pop star a loan. Erika politely declined.

Sutton didn’t believe Erika’s ever-changing stories, like the one about Tom’s car accident. While the rest of the RHOBH cast was coddling Erika, Sutton and her bestie, Garcelle Beauvais, just wanted the damn truth. Sutton wasn’t going to give Erika a pass.

During the aptly named Dinner Party from Hell Part 2, Kathy Hilton tried to throw an elegant dinner party for her co-stars. I hope that Kathy learned her lesson. Kyle Richards casually pushed Sutton under the bus. Kyle insisted that Sutton tell Erika that she called Erika a liar. Sutton owned up to having doubts about Erika, but the others didn’t.

Erika told Sutton to “shut the f*ck up” and asked her if she wanted to be sued. Then Erika pointed her finger at Sutton and hissed, “If you ever call me a liar again, I’m coming for you.” Erika was vicious. Sutton hired security after Erika hurled those explosive threats her way.


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Sutton almost quit RHOBH after Erika threatened her. During Part 1 of the Season 11 reunion, Erika shot Sutton a death stare when Sutton announced that she was dating. Jealous much, Erika?

Sutton told Page Six that there was another comment from Erika that viewers didn’t hear. Sutton explained, “She did say something kind of underneath her breath to me that was a threat that I took very seriously. I said I would never repeat it, and Andy [Cohen] got it out of me [at the four-part reunion],” Sutton remarked. “I don’t know where it’s going to be in the reunion, but I think we might get to hear it.” We NEED to hear it!

Sutton discussed how she felt at Kathy’s memorable dinner party. “I did feel threatened. That night I did, yes,” Sutton revealed. “I didn’t know what that meant. No one’s ever threatened me like that.” And that is why Sutton has a bodyguard.

“I don’t go to dinner parties with people like this that threaten [others]. I found it [to be] very odd behavior,” the boutique owner added. Sutton may have left the dinner party after Erika’s verbal assault, but she prided herself on not melting in front of Erika.

Sutton stated, “Walking into the dinner, I knew it was going to be tense. But I didn’t quite expect that reaction.” If you accuse Erika of lying, you can always expect a verbal smack-down.


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“She was going through a lot,” Sutton commented. “So, I was like, ‘OK, just don’t cry, Sutton’ … I wasn’t going to let someone point their finger at me, cuss at me and threaten me. No.” And Sutton didn’t even use her face roller. Legend!

Sutton said that a future friendship with Erika is a possibility. “I’m a very forgiving person and I always have been,” she shared. “It’s the way I was raised, and I think it’s good for you to be forgiving.” Sutton continued, “Erika’s really a sweetheart until you make her angry. I lived through it.”

As for RHOBH viewers who wanted Erika to be fired, Sutton said, “I am not a Bravo executive, so I don’t think I can speak to this one. I think that’s up to Erika. Whatever she wants to do,” Sutton added.


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