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Jen Shah Pleads With Court To Dismiss Fraud Charges; Says She Was “Coerced Into Making Statements”

Jen Shah was made for jail reality television. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City premiered last year and served mountain views with blender co-dependency. We also got some pretty interesting characters, and Jen provided a little bit of everything. She had the paid team of friends, expensive wardrobe, and now fraud charges. Welcome to the world of Real Housewives, Jen darling.

Season 2 of RHOSLC is heavily anticipated as Jen found herself busted by the Feds for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Her arrest is now content for a storyline and fodder for anyone she’s ever screamed at, which would be most people she knows. Back in April, Jen plead not guilty to the allegations lodged against her and it appears she wants all of the charges dropped as well. While Jen’s smile might be a thin disguise, she is now trying to hide her blurry lyin’ eyes.

Jen is on a mission and for once it’s not stealing from old people. According to RadarOnline, her attorney calls the indictment a “bare-bones wire fraud and conspiracy theory that does not adequately allege either the required elements of intent to defraud.”

Jen’s camp also says prosecutors appear “to rely on a false promise theory involving specific returns on purchasers’ investments, which could be mere breaches of contract, or, in theory, deceptive sales practice violations that fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).” Jen’s attorneys feel the government failed to provide significant detail of her alleged crimes. Her lawyers claim they were given over 1.3 documents as evidence from the prosecution that they are expected to review.


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So there’s too much documented info regarding Jen’s suspected pirate act they don’t feel like reading. Erika Jayne has officially entered the chat! Jen’s lawyer said, “This information cannot be adequately reviewed in a lifetime, and requires, as we argue below, that the government particularize the charges in a way that this relatively bare-bones superseding indictment does not.”

But wait, there’s more! Jen wants two search warrants to disappear as well. She said the warrants were obtained via “materially false statements or omissions”. Ladies and gents, this is how you play Lie, Lie, and Deny. Jen claims the officer who requested the warrants made false statements in the requests.


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Jen also wants her Shahmazing post-arrest statements to be suppressed because the officer “obtained them through misrepresentations”. Her very busy attorney states, “At the time she waived her rights, Ms. Shah was in a very vulnerable emotional state due to the combination of strange phone calls she received the morning of her arrest and her history with a convicted felon who had victimized her in New York. This caused her will to be overborne easily by Det. Bastos and several affirmative misrepresentations he made in order to secure a waiver of rights.” SURE, JAN JEN.

Her lawyer claims, “Det. Bastos read Ms. Shah Miranda warnings from a printed paper. He also handed her a copy to sign as she read along. Although she heard the words Det. Bastos read, Ms. Shah’s contact lenses, which were in her eyes, were dry, and she did not have her reading glasses, so her vision was blurry, and she was unable to read the paper in front of her. Even while being read her rights, Ms. Shah did not know what was going on, and still thought it might be a potential misidentification.” Well dang, is Jen now deaf and blind? Don’t EVEN tell me she didn’t know to keep her mouth shut without an attorney present. That’s in the How To Criminal 101 handbook.


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It remains to be seen (pun intended) if this tactic will work out for Jen. As Erika runs out to purchase some edgy bifocals in the event Jen’s strategy is successful, Jen continues to film RHOSLC amid her legal issues. Last season Mary Cosby told Jen she smells like hospital, I wonder how she will deal with the lingering scent of Eau de Penitentiary.


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