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Kyle Richards Says Dorit Kemsley Has PTSD After Being Robbed In Her Home At Gunpoint

We all were stunned with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after last season, otherwise known as the Erika Jayne show. But Season 12 is shaping up to be a doozy and the ladies wasted no time jumping back into filming. The Erika story continues, as do the other complicated relationship dynamics on the show. No word yet on whether or not Kathy Hilton is making a second appearance as a friend of, but rumor has it she’s holding out for Bravo to cut her a major check to have the newest fan-favorite back on the show. Know your worth, girl.

RHOBH Season 12 won’t be all diamonds and rose, though, and is shaping up to have some tough storylines, particularly involving Dorit Kemsley. Around the same time filming began, Dorit was the victim of a violent home invasion. Robbers entered her home where she was home alone with her two children and stole her expensive closet items. They held her at gunpoint while she begged for her life, and PK Kemsley wasn’t even in the same country at the time. The robbers literally threatened to kill her but by the grace of God, everyone came out unscathed.


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Clearly, the Kemsley family has been going through it recently after the shocking event. Dorit’s friends and colleagues have been nothing but supportive of the situation, as she’s obviously rattled after the fact. And in a recent interview, Kyle Richards gave some insight into Dorit’s psyche now that some time has passed since the crime, as reported by Page Six. 

Kyle didn’t sugarcoat anything about how Dorit’s been doing, saying that her friend is “struggling.” Kyle was interviewed by Access while on the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards, where Dorit also attended and turned a look, as always. “When it first happened, I think she was in shock and now the reality has settled in,”

Kyle continued. “It’s going to take some time; it takes a long time. I would say she has a little PTSD, no doubt.” Kyle herself has been the victim of a robbery, so she knows better than anyone how the event can totally make you feel unsafe in your own home. My heart is with Dorit and the fam while they continue to grapple with this, and hopefully, the perpetrators are found and punished for their crimes.


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[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]