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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 11 Reunion Part Three: Fire Up The Barbecue And Watch Her Burn

This Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion might be the juiciest of all time. Erika Jayne’s life may be in shambles, but the wreckage is serving prime time reality TV. I can’t get enough of this salacious content.

Sisters Reunited At Last

It’s so heartbreaking to see the Kyle Richards & Kathy Hilton discuss the time they spent estranged. The mere mention of anything to do with their mother sends Kathy into full sobbing. It’s so to watch.

Despite the time they lost, Kyle still doesn’t have any regrets about doing the show about their mother. It was never meant to be something to hurt their mother’s image or the family. However, seeing the pain talking about their mother causes, I can see why she was upset.

Andy Cohen doesn’t think Kyle & Kathy have truly worked through their issues. They’ve never fully talked the situation out. It doesn’t seem like a big deal on the surface. This is a poorly handled situation which went on for far too long. Kathy even thinks doing the show brought them closer together. By doing the show, Kathy was able to experience things like girls trips which she’d never done before.

Kathy reveals “The Lady” is just a woman named Paula that works for her. She was probably trying to protect the name of the person. What really shocked me is Kathy’s admission that she and her husband always eat on the TV trays. That’s wild to me because of how filthy rich they are.

Kyle Richards Kathy Hilton Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Garcelle Beauvais reveals watching Kyle & Kathy makes her see her reevaluate her falling out with her own sister. I guess seeing the time they lost and the pain it caused changed things for her. She’s getting a front row seat to how something so small can rip families apart for far too long.

According to Kathy, Kim Richards LOVES Kathy being on the show. She was all for it, and she warned her not to lose her temper. Now if we can get all three sisters on the show together, it would be perfect. Make it happen!

Kyle finally has Kim’s current phone number, and she’s on good terms with Kim. This is the best possible news we could’ve ever heard. We’ve seem them go through the ugliest of battles over the years, so light fun and laughter would be a great change of pace. It’s Kyle’s desire to have all three on the show at the same time as well. Season 12 could be an iconic season of the Richards sisters.

Diamonds & Crystal

Crystal Kung Minkoff Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Crystal Kung Minkoff working for an escort service is totally shocking after watching her on the show. Being so open like that made even made someone like Erika warm up to her.

Most of the women in the group love Crystal’s leather pants. However, Sutton Stracke’s still against them. They weren’t her favorite. I’m in the minority of people online who actually loved the pants. She pulled off a look that most people couldn’t.

Crystal doesn’t want the coat/door situation to be minimized. It didn’t happen in a vacuum. She and Sutton had been arguing all weekend on the trip. So naturally things would be taken in a far worse way than if they were on good terms.

Sutton’s still against the word violation. I can see where she’s coming from because that’s a deep word to attach to someone. Crystal admits her eating disorder played a large role in her reaction to Sutton in that moment. To her it was a violation, but that doesn’t make Sutton a terrible person. She’s not responsible for how someone else feels about a situation.

Crystal breaks down talking about her father’s past experience with racism. However, the level of hate and racism has only increased. She receives hundreds of racist messages a day from angry fans. How can people be so cruel? Andy tells Crystal not to let assholes online alter her life because FUCK the trolls. People sit behind keyboards every day and trash people for no damn reason. It’s despicable.

Who Is Hunky Dory?

Kathy Hilton Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Thankfully Lisa Rinna removed all the dresses out of her garage. That’s begging for someone to come rob you. I mean she’s not asking for it, but being on a show like this shines a light on where they can go to steal.

Garcelle labels Dorit Kemsley as the best dressed in the group. Erika may have laid the foundation, but Dorit took the concept and ran with it. She’s become synonymous with iconic glam looks on the Housewives. It’s a bit overstated with labels, but she still puts together great looks.

Kathy’s still surprised by the positive fan reaction. She loves all of the other women, so she’s shocked to be received so well. Her children were disgusted when they first learned she’d be joining, but they’ve warmed up to the idea. I’m glad they didn’t fight her too hard on it because she’s been a joy to watch.

Kathy’s humor made this season a lot more bearable. There was a lot of drama this season, but Kathy’s comedy lightened everything. The Hunky Dory moment was EVERYTHING. Let me play it on a loop for the rest of my life.

Andy remarks that seeing Kathy makes him understand Kim a bit more. Honestly I always thought it was the drinking that made Kim so odd, but I guess the entire family’s eccentric. Hilarious!

Erika On Fire

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

This segment is probably going to be a lot of Erika biting the heads off of her costars. She has to be PISSED to hear everyone talking shit about her life behind her back. It’s natural for them to ask questions about this woman they spend a great deal of time with.

Before things can kick off, Kyle tries to make Erika understand where she was coming from. Seeing Dorit & Kyle mock her life with their husbands had to have been a horrible thing to watch. These are two women she considered to be her good friends. It’s an epic betrayal.

Dorit & Kyle are trying so hard to do damage control. There’s so much Erika ass kissing going on already. Garcelle wants to know why Erika couldn’t understand about the other women being concerned. She says they all knew it was bullshit. Well that’s that.

Sutton didn’t know how things were going to unfold. It’s natural for everyone to be nervous. However, Erika denies ever having a heads up about the big article about she and Tom Girardi. To her, she was leaving because of the fight between her and Garcelle. The timing was sketch, but I guess there’s no reason not to fully believe her.

Andy says this case is worse than other Housewives cases because there are real victims at play here. Erika fires back saying she loved Tom. This was a total blindside, so how do we think she feels? If you’re wondering, she says she feels horrible about it.

Why hasn’t she expressed any of that sympathy or empathy directly to the victims? She tries to say she did, but we know that’s a crock of shit. She’s never once genuinely displayed any remorse for the real victims. I get that her life sucks now, but life also sucks for those orphans and burn victims.

Erika says there is a boundary to where she can and cannot go. She wants the victims to be remedied. Allegedly. The way people are perceiving this though is that she’s the real victim here. Check her social media at any given time. She acts like she’s Jesus being nailed to the cross.

If Erika expresses a lot of remorse though, it could seem like she’s guilty of something. I sort of get that. Even Lisa her good buddy thinks Erika’a fueling the fire with her social media. She’s a disaster on Twitter & Instagram.

Erika officially (sort of) denies ever knowing anything about what Tom was allegedly doing. However, Crystal wants to know why Crystal hasn’t shown any anger toward Tom. We’ve never really seen that. Erika immediately snaps at Crystal which is typical.


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