Lala Kent Hints At Departure From Vanderpump Rules After Feeling “Alone” At Reunion Taping; Says Raquel Leviss Is Only Cast Member Reached Out To Her

Lala Kent has really had her whole world turned upside down in a matter of months. The end of her engagement to (now ex) fiancé Randall Emmett seemed to be a surprise, even to her. The Vanderpump Rules star admitted that she was “blindsided.” So she quickly got to work breaking ties with him. Lala deleted all of his pictures from social media, which granted, she has done before.

But this time was different. She also moved out of the home they shared with 8 month old daughter. Randall then left the podcast that they shared (but he started). That seemed to give Lala the freedom to really open up about her feelings. Regarding his alleged cheating, she confessed, “I don’t know how the f–k I didn’t see a lot of this s–t.”

But while all this went on, Lala still had business to attend to. She had recently ended the filming of season 9 of VPR. And it was clear that some of her relationship advice came back to haunt her. But she showed up to do the reunion and host Andy Cohen confirmed that Lala does get into her breakup with Randall. Now Page Six is reporting that Lala is having second thoughts about being on the show thanks to how to reunion went.

On the most recent episode of her podcast, Lala revealed, “[If] tomorrow they call me and say, ‘We’ve been picked up,’ I would take a big pause because I don’t know if that’s the space for me anymore. I left that reunion feeling not much resolve. I left feeling a bit alone and isolated.” She added, “I’ve been on this show for six years. I’ve changed a lot as a person — no one can tell me otherwise. … But after that reunion, I sat back and thought, ‘Is this the space for me anymore or do we need to do some soul-searching?’”


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The reunion has yet to air but Lala suggested she took the majority of the criticism on stage. As for the support she received from the cast, it was lacking. She said, “I didn’t hear from one person on my cast except for Raquel [Leviss] to say, ‘Hope you’re doing OK [after the reunion].’ That was very telling for me.”

Lala concluded, “I’m not saying that this group of my friends are bad people in any way. Just because I’m going through something doesn’t mean the world stops. But I was visibly upset on the reunion, and for not one of them except for my little Bambi to reach out and say, ‘I just want to say I’m sorry for what you’re going through,’ was, like I said, eye-opening.”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]