Ariana Madix Denies That Vanderpump Rules Storylines Are Forced; Claims She Asked Katie Maloney To Partner In Sandwich Shop On The Spot

What in the scripted-reality is going on with Vanderpump Rules these days? I will relent and admit I don’t think this show is so much scripted as it is over-produced. In addition, the ‘stars’ of this show are all too aware of how they will come off on camera. For what it’s worth, I think James Kennedy and Brock Davies are the only people not modulating their emotions and reactions for a positive image. Whatever that says about them…I’ll let you decide.

The main characters on VPR have been in the spotlight for almost a full decade at this point. It’s no wonder they have adjusted their antics to be a bit more favorable for an image outside of the show. It’s also no wonder that fans are getting bored of the lackluster dynamics on screen. One fan took to twitter to call Ariana Madix out for her embarrassing storyline of wanting to open a sandwich shop with her former antagonist, Katie Maloney-Schwartz. I can see the “Kat and Ari” menu selection now.

In the initial tweet the fan said, “All the storylines on PumpRules are a little too contrived for me, I am all down for this sandwich shack shack up between the girls but it felt like a set up for a storyline and additional business with a yas girl vibe. The whole season feels force fed with a spoon. #PumpRules” The comment must have caught Ariana’s eye, because she replied quickly.

Ariana stood by the fact that she actually has a dream of opening a sandwich shop. She countered, “nope. i came up with the idea to team up on the spot. neither production or katie had any clue and tbh neither did i before it came out of my mouth.” I sort of can believe this. But do we think it’s because Ariana has always longed to make meatball subs? Or do we think it’s because it’s another segue to a spin-off? Hmmm….


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The fan wasn’t satisfied with Ariana’s claim. They shot back saying, “Your life is still very much happening, yet the storylines seem prewritten with an end goal in mind. Other shows revolve around parties, dinning, and trips, which are also restricted. Reality tv shouldn’t revolve around the setting but your life; its contrived and lackluster [sic]”

The viewer made more apt comments about the difference between VPR and other reality shows being featured on bravo. They explained, “You don’t need a packed room or specifics setting for good reality television, you need genuine interactions. The big moment on the show are always shared exclusivity with cast members. The covid is an excuse, reality tv gold can happen with a good cast in between 4 white walls.” And we know this!!


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Other shows on Bravo are not struggling in the same way Pump Rules has been through the pandemic. The only other series limping along right now, is RHONY. Different coast, different issues. I digress. For her part, Ariana is sticking to her story that the cast on VPR is being as authentic as possible. She claimed, “don’t know what to tell you, but nothing you’ve said is true. you can take it or leave it from someone who actually lives it. what happens with the footage after it’s filmed is out of our hands, but we consistently give them 100% real and honest life.” Whatever.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]