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James Kennedy Will Continue “Journey” To Find His “True Self” Without Alcohol After Split From Raquel Leviss

Vanderpump Rules has had the weirdest season of all time. Somehow, everyone is the same yet totally different at the same time. Lala Kent and Scheana Shay are new moms, but Lala stills pops off at anyone looking at her sideways and ScheSchu ignores every red flag in her face. Tom Sandoval still overpowers Tom Schwartz, and the Toms’ ultra-close friendship is still putting a wedge in Schwartzy’s relationship with Katie Maloney-Schwartz. And unfortunately, despite his sobriety and major growth, James Kennedy still falls into his old habits of saying stuff he absolutely should not. Especially to his girlfriend Raquel Leviss.

Or should I say ex-fiance? After filming the VPR reunion, James and Raquel announced it was over. Yes, after Sandoval and James orchestrated an over-the-top proposal and the couple seemed more in love than ever. The reunion is about to be crazy between this and Lala’s equally shocking split from Randall Emmett. I’m starting to wonder if the now-sober James and Lala are actually meant to be. It’s a thought that scares me, but I cannot deny it is floating in my head.


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James and Raquel’s split was unexpected, but they seem to be not looking back. Raquel seemingly already moved out of her place with DJ James Kennedy already. And in a new Instagram post, James made a caption about his continued personal journey without alcohol. The caption commemorated the last day of filming Pump Rules, but it’s unclear if he means for the season or forever. “What a year it has been (to say the least) today one chapter ends and a new chapter truly begins for me,” James said.

James also admitted that he’s not positive about his next step. “But I do know one thing, I will continue my journey without alcohol, I will find my true self and the music never dies,” he wrote. It’s important to note that he disabled comments on the post, which was honestly good for his own well-being.  Good to see that James isn’t going off-the-rails after such a drastic life change. I only wish the best for James and Raquel, even though my heart breaks a bit because I wanted it to work.


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