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Luke Gulbranson Slams Ciara Miller As “Disrespectful” For Calling Him The Douchiest Guy On Bravo; Luke Says He’s The Reason That Ciara Is “F–king Here” On Summer House

In all of the excitement surrounding Summer House, I didn’t even notice that Luke Gulbranson was missing from the group. Now that Southern Charm has infiltrated the show, there are just so many noncommittal men to keep track of. Like, sorry I forgot about the lumberjack amidst the Kristin Cavallari of it all. While Luke’s been MIA, he’s never truly out of the drama. Unfortunately for him, that didn’t leave the show along with Hannah Berner and her bad attitude after last summer.

Luke recently spoke to Us Weekly and had some choice words to say about Ciara Miller. Ciara was brought onto the show by Luke, but that quickly went south, as relationships in this circle of friends tend to do. The final nail in the coffin was probably her taking Hannah’s side in their feud last year. Nowadays, she’s besties with Paige DeSorbo, flirting with Carl Radke (pre-relationship 2.0 with Lindsay Hubbard), and hung up on Austen Kroll (sigh). She seems to have forgotten little old Luke now that she’s comfortable in the group, but he’s not letting it slide.

Mr. Minnesota was particularly upset that Ciara went on Watch What Happens Live and proudly declared that he was the douchiest guy on Bravo. It hit a nerve for the perma-bachelor. “OK, cool. Like, I’m the reason that you’re f–king here,” Luke said. He also wasn’t happy that Ciara said Austen was the better kisser between the two. “She just continues to go down the path of, like, throwing shade at me,” Luke added. Ciara was bound to have a rocky summer, but her declining relationship with Luke is not going to help things out.


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He went on to say that Ciara’s comments were “uncalled for and disrespectful,” and Luke even called his former flame a “mean girl.” To be fair, Paige and Ciara are the popular mean girls in the house, don’t get it twisted. But it just sounds to me like Luke can’t handle the game of throwing shade that comes with a reality TV gig. He’s much better suited for tapping trees and building igloos in the woods. Winter House was more his speed.

Despite Luke’s hurt feelings, he hopes to rebuild a friendship with Ciara after some time apart. He also pulled the Austen card by saying that Ciara needs to grow up. Sound familiar, HubbHouse? “Why would I want to have somebody like that — that would treat me like that — in my life? You burn a bridge when you burn somebody literally over and over and over again,” he said. Luke really said I don’t need a confessional, I’ll say my peace regardless. Maybe he isn’t so bad at the game of reality TV.


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