Lindsay Hubbard Explains Why She Waited To Tell Carl Radke About Her Miscarriage; Commends Jason Cameron For Being “Absolutely Wonderful”

Summer House is back and it feels good to be reunited with the Hamptons most debaucherous crew. Love is in the air this go around, and I’m not talking about the ever-present smell of a freshly cracked LoverBoy. We’re watching Paige DeSorbo fall sew in love with Southern Charm cutie Craig Conover. But it’s not all roses and rosé — just watch Craig’s latest freakout during last week’s episode. It was rough. Luckily, Paige was keeping Andrea Denver close by before she and Craigy became official. Smart woman.

We also are watching the makings of Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s romantic reunion. They used to date but that was like four versions of Carlito ago. However, they didn’t get together until the end of the summer, so Linds was enjoying her Hot Hubb Summer, and good for her. I’m just glad she upgraded from the permanent man-boy Austen Kroll. Carl making her sandwiches is pretty much the cherry on top of dating him, I assume.

Lindsay deserved to have a fun and carefree summer after what she went through last spring. She revealed that she was pregnant at one point with Winter House newbie Jason Cameron. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage and it was rough for her.


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Linds revealed the news to her bestie Carlito on the show, who was surprised. He was as supportive as ever, even though he just wished he knew sooner so he could’ve helped his bestie get through it. Lindsay recently spoke to Page Six about her decision to wait to tell Carl.

Mostly, Lindsay was just waiting for the right time to tell him. “I didn’t tell him because he was in the middle of so much,” Lindsay said. “This was very heavy news.” Linds added that Carl was traveling a lot for work and her emotions were “all over the place” so it didn’t seem right. It makes sense, but my heart hurts for her.

HubbHouse also went on to commend Jason for supporting her at the time. While the pregnancy “complicated” their relationship, it was more about Lindsay doing what was right for her. “Jason was absolutely wonderful, but I also just needed to get through it on my own,” she said.


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Props to Lindsay for being so open on TV about a subject that’s taboo for a lot of people. Honestly, I hope that she and Carlito have wedding bells in their future, and that it goes a littttttle more smoothly than Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s road to the altar. If it does happen, I’d probably put money down that Hannah Berner will still not be on the invite list. Not just because of her beef with Lindsay, but Carl 6.0 is a pretty good judge of character.

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