Erika Jayne gets defensive over Yolanda's Lymes

Erika Jayne Slams Garcelle Beauvais For “Using” Her To Sell Her Book; Draws More Attention To Garcelle’s Book With Twitter Rant

Alright, it’s about time that someone steps in and pries Erika Jayne’s phone out of her cold, dead hands. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has totally lost it. You would think that she’s learned her lesson about acting a fool on social media, especially considering her never-ending legal battles. Nope, her pride is too big for that. In her latest display of foolishness, Erika is playing herself again by trying to come after Garcelle Beauvais. It’s almost cute how she thinks she’s really doing something.

Erika decided to torment us all when she was feeling “sassy” by embarking on a massive Twitter rant. She asked RHOBH fans to submit questions/comments, and most of them were about Garcelle. Erika recently posted a ridiculous video of her dramatically throwing Garcelle’s new book in the trash like the child she is.


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Erika’s reasoning, according to Twitter, was that Garcelle used a goofy clip of her schooling Erika from the RHOBH trailer to promote the book and that was enough to set her off. “No need to use my name or very complicated legal and personal problems to sell her book. She has enough friends to help her,” Erika wrote. Hold up. Erika is literally making a career out of profiting from her legal problems. Do you really think she’d start an overpriced hair extension line if she didn’t have a platform to promote it with thanks to her tumultuous personal life? Also, I think this rant is inadvertently promoting Garcelle’s book even more. Erika said it herself, she draws a lot of attention. 

Erika also was seemingly butt-hurt that Garcelle got a bunch of famous faces, like Jamie FoxxParis Hilton, and Drew Barrymore, to promote her book in a cute Instagram video. “Don’t use my name to promote your book. Use your famous friends,” Erika wrote. Girl, Garcelle made a MEME. It wasn’t even about Erika — it was about her own quick-witted comeback. Yet, Erika thinks she deserves to be “cut a check” from Garcelle. Sounds about Erika, always looking how to make a quick buck off of the backs of other people (allegedly).


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Of course, Erika couldn’t help but make the situation even more about herself by bringing up her own book from a past life. “I went NYT bestseller with no REAL celebrity ‘celebration,'” she tweeted. She also wrote that her book was “positive” about her friends and family, insinuating Garcelle decided to take a different approach. “When you write a book it’s a choice what to write about,” she tweeted. “No need to include others.”

First of all, how would Erika know what’s in the book if she threw the book away? Secondly, give me a break. I, unfortunately, subjected myself to reading Erika’s book. Now, after the smoke and mirrors surrounding her life have faded, it’s clear that it was nothing but a quick ploy to make some cash. I’d take every word between the covers with a grain of salt.


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Even though the book is now in the trash, Erika did divulge a bit about the contents. She revealed that she’s not even name-dropped in Garcelle’s book at all. So what is this entire outrage even about? However, she mentions that Garcelle includes Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, and Rinna’s daughter Amelia Hamlin in the memoir. It’s unclear in what capacity she mentioned them, but it was enough to get Erika going.

In the end, Erika pulled a Ramona Singer by tweeting that she’s the “biggest cheerleader” to other women, especially those on her cast. It sounds about as believable as when the Ramonacoaster says it. In a final dig to Garcelle, whose star-power on RHOBH is obviously rubbing Erika the wrong way, the Pretty Mess claims her co-star is easily produced. Remember when Erika had a whole blow-up last season on producers (allegedly) because things didn’t go her way? I’ll finish this with the same advice I always give Erika — log off. Delete your account. It will make you 100 times more likable.


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