Lisa Rinna Calls Out Real Housewives Producers Cutting Alleged “Screaming Fight” Between Production And Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne really started showing cracks in her story during this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And this even comes after Erika’s convoluted car crash story. Finally, Garcelle Beauvais showed up in the desert to ask Erika some real hard-hitting questions about her phony divorce. Erika claimed she had no idea how to self-sufficiently function in a bank. Even though she’s a “business owner” who touted this independent rags to riches story prior to her marriage to Tom Girardi. Unfortunately, I read her book, so I did my research. Not to mention the glaringly obvious lie that Erika said when she claimed she hadn’t heard from Tom since she walked out the door of their Pasadena mansion for the last time.

Erika had a total Ice Queen moment in La Quinta when Garcelle brought up Erika saying that Tom calls her phone all the time in front of the entire RHOBH group. She blamed Garcelle for being shady, but it was confusing considering Erika was filmed making the statements in the first place. Garcelle was shook, understandably, because Erika was chastising her as if SHE were the one accused of using money that was swindled from orphans and widows to fund her wannabe lifestyle. But Garcelle was just doing God’s work and asking Erika some REAL questions, unlike her other minions co-stars. Give Garcelle two diamonds — just take away Dorit Kemsley’s at this point. She’s bringing absolutely nothing.

Well, messy ol’ Lisa Rinna is seemingly filling in the blanks after the RHOBH episode left us with more questions than answers. It looks like since she obviously won’t ask Erika any REAL questions about allegedly playing musical chairs with her money to avoid paying back Tom’s victims, Rinna is trying to make Bravo “own it.” Not the best tactic to go after your boss, but I digress.

Rinna took to Instagram after the episode, as captured in a screenshot from @tasteof_reality, to spill some behind-the-scenes tea about the Tom phone calls debacle. “Dang it … I wish they had shown the screaming fight between the producer and Erika last night on the show in La Quinta. Now that would have been epic TV. Too bad. Bravo Bravo f–king Bravo. I’ll get in trouble for this in…,” Rinna wrote. No wonder Erika claims she’s so offended by the Bravo editing this season of RHOBH.


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But girl, I’m offended Tom took money from his alleged victims/clients to buy you jewelry. And this is what you get when you try to carefully orchestrate your image in front of reality TV cameras. In fact, I’m also offended that she so clearly doesn’t give a f–k (none, not one, zero zero zero) about the REAL victims in this whole debacle.

Erika loves when her on-screen BFF supports her and reposted Rinna’s Instagram story to her own, via @bravosnarkside. If you have a lot of questions, don’t fret — an anonymous “source” tried to fill in the blanks to Page SixThe source claims that Erika actually felt “betrayed” by the producers, not Garcelle, and misdirected her anger at her co-star. “They cut it and paste it in a way to look like she was upset, but she was actually made that Garcelle was told what to say three times and she took the bail,” the “insider” (probably Rinna in a wig) said. “They had three different conversations about the same subject.”


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Apparently, production didn’t show that Erika and Crystal Kung Minkoff’s conversation about Tom’s phone calls was allegedly in private. No cameras were around, and it was a hot mic moment. “When they got in the car, producers said they overheard it and asked Crystal to ask [Erika] on camera. Bravo didn’t want to do the fourth wall. They pulled a fast one,” the “source” added.

Like Crystal somewhat pointed out on camera, Garcelle actually wasn’t privy to the conversations about the phone calls. Or at least, the idea that that was told in confidence. And Garcelle was urged by production to bring it up. However, another unnamed “source” (probably Andy Cohen in a Rinna wig) told Page Six that “Erika’s reaction to Garcelle was genuine.” I know the feds who are tuning into their first-ever RHOBH season are losing their minds right now. And Erika probably wished she just totally plead the fifth like Tom’s apparently doing in court.


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