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Erika Jayne Attacks Garcelle Beauvais For Questioning Her Behavior In Deleted RHOBH Reunion Clip; Erika Says There Are “No Rules” For Her

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion month is finally over, but the saga of Erika Jayne is never-ending. Erika did her best work in trying to portray herself as a victim during the four-part reunion. She tried to blame the women for not coming to her directly with questions about her divorce and Tom Girardi’s financial troubles, even though she bit their heads off any time they asked her a simple question. She got into it with Andy Cohen for calling out her behavior, which ranges from showing no remorse to actual victims in the case to acting like a tone-deaf villain on social media.

Of course, a major topic of conversation was Erika’s threats toward Sutton Stracke at Kathy Hilton’s dinner party from hell. After watching Erika viciously attack her friends for asking her simple questions, I’d probably hire security too. Erika uses fear to intimidate her co-stars from digging too deep. But nothing will stop Sutton and her partner-in-crime Garcelle Beauvais from calling out the B.S.

Andy shared a deleted clip from the reunion on Watch What Happens Live recently that shows Erika turning her sights on Garcelle and sinking her teeth in, Page Six reports. But Garcelle can stand her own, baby, so your tactics won’t work. In the clip, the ladies are discussing the dinner party and Erika goes off. She asked if Garcelle would have sat at the table quietly and allowed Sutton to call her a liar. “I would get up and leave before I [threatened somebody],” Garcelle replied, before Erika’s sharp tongue cut her off.

Erika then turned the tables on Garcelle, asking if she would “allow [herself] to be run off” from the table. Garcelle tried to calmly explain she would have left the room to gather herself out of frustration, but Erika apparently wasn’t into anyone’s rationale that isn’t her own. “You wouldn’t have turned and fought your ass off, Garcelle?” Erika snaps. In the background, it sounds like a co-star is saying “Erika, Erika” in an attempt to calm her down. But once she gets going, there’s no hiding from Erika’s evil wrath.

Garcelle finally got a word in and said, “I would have fought for myself, but not like that. I wouldn’t have threatened her. That’s not in my instincts.” Exactly. Throwing around threats when you’re being accused of using money from orphans and widows to pay for your lifestyle isn’t exactly helping your look. But Erika only listens to Erika. “Until you are in my position and being accused of heinous shit, there are no rules here,” Erika snapped back. Alright, Ice Queen, you had your moment. Hang onto it while you can, because everyone’s Real Housewives fame is fleeting. But Garcelle? Honey, she’ll be just fine. She has and always will be relevant, and she doesn’t have to act like a Disney villain to do so.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]