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Melissa Gorga Says That She And Teresa Giudice “Don’t Meet Up Off-Camera”

The feud between Teresa Giudice and her brother, Joe Gorga, rages on. Teresa didn’t want Joe’s wife, Melissa Gorga, to join Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa claimed on Season 1 of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip that Melissa begged to be on the show. Of course, Melissa denied it and here we are. Again.

Teresa and her fiancé, Luis “Louie” Ruelas may not know whether or not their nuptials will be televised, but Teresa knows one thing for sure. Melissa is not in her bridal party. In fact, none of her RHONJ co-stars made the cut. Not even Teresa’s longtime friend, Dolores Catania, got the nod. I’m still trying to wrap my head around Dolores not being invited to Teresa and Louie’s engagement party. So much for loyalty.

Melissa and Joe found out about the wedding snub from TV. Ouch. Joe slammed his sister for not showing respect to his wife. Joe and Teresa never have each other’s back, and constantly call each out out for not being loyal.

Teresa didn’t change her mind about Melissa being a bridesmaid. Teresa stated, “I’m not her best friend, she’s not my best friend. We’re family.” She added, “But do we hang out like best friends? No, we don’t, and I’m okay with that.” Double ouch.

All About the Real Housewives shared a video from TMZ of Melissa discussing her relationship with Teresa. TMZ apparently asked Melissa a question about the RHONJ reunion. “We have walk-offs from the men now. Now you know it’s really getting crazy,” Melissa remarked. We’re looking at you, Joe Gorga!

The cameraman asked, “Where do you and Teresa stand now?” Melissa responded, “You have to watch the reunion and it’s gonna be very clear after you watch the reunion. That I will tell you.” Get that tease in, Melissa!

“Are you guys on good terms?” the cameraman inquired. “Yeah. We’re family. So, we’re always on good terms,” she said. Sure, Melissa.

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“Ok. Have you, like, worked on mending the relationship already?” the cameraman asked. “Hmm…if you watch the reunion, I think you’ll get all your answers. I promise you that,” Melissa commented.

The TMZ cameraman continued to quiz Melissa. “Have you talked to Joe Giudice at all about this at all?”

Melissa replied, “No. I don’t talk to Joe Giudice. He doesn’t even live in this country. Have a good night, guys.”

The cameraman asked about her husband’s relationship with Teresa, and Melissa told him, once again, to watch the reunion. The TMZ cameraman continued his line of questioning about Melissa and Teresa’s relationship. “It seems like you guys are okay.”

“We’re family. We’re good. We’re good,” she remarked. “How did you work it out? Did you meet up off camera at least?” the cameraman asked.

“No. We don’t meet up off camera,” Melissa responded. “Have a good night.” The words, “Somebody come get Melissa. We don’t meet up off camera. Girllll,” was written across the video with a laughing crying emoji.

During the first part of the RHONJ reunion, Melissa and Teresa admitted that they do not have a relationship. Joe stormed off-stage during an argument with Teresa and yelled that he was quitting. This family is falling to pieces.

Melissa hasn’t spoken to Teresa since the reunion taped, so we know that they haven’t mended their relationship. It apparently only exists when they are on camera, anyway.


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