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Melissa Gorga Seemingly Shades Teresa Giudice; Says She’s “Sick Of The Miserable, Nasty, And Crazy”

Real Housewives of New Jersey has delivered more than enough drama for one season. Melissa Gorga has always had a complicated history with her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice. The two ladies will never agree on how Melissa came to join the RHONJ cast. When Melissa and Jennifer Aydin nearly came to blows during an argument this season, Teresa sided with Jennifer, not her “blood.”

Teresa had a problem with anyone questioning her fiancé, Luis “Louie” Ruelas about his colorful history. He also appeared in a bizarre video that had the entire cast confused. When newbie Traci Johnson’s husband, Tiki Barber, dared to ask Louie questions about him allegedly being abusive in the past, Teresa was fuming. She slammed Traci for Tiki quizzing Louie. “Usually, guys don’t do their woman’s dirty work,” Teresa stated.

Teresa was furious with Margaret for continuing to ask about Louie. After all, Teresa has pledged to protect her man from anyone seeking to pop their precious love bubble.

During the Nashville cast trip, Teresa’s anger boiled over, and she accused Margaret of giving information about Louie to the blogs. Margaret called Teresa a liar, and Teresa pushed all the plates and glasses across the table and onto Margaret. Teresa was so out of control that she and Louie moved to a hotel.

During the most recent episode, Teresa’s buddy Dolores Catania decided to go shopping with Teresa and try to calm her down before dinner. The rest of the ladies went out together and recorded a horrible country song. Even Melissa’s golden pipes couldn’t salvage the recording.

At dinner, Teresa did issue a group apology, but mentioned that she was provoked. Jennifer told Teresa that Margaret didn’t feel it was a real apology. Teresa body-shamed Margaret again by stating that Margaret never misses dinner. Body-shaming is never acceptable!

Then Teresa told Melissa that they will no longer have a relationship if Melissa doesn’t get Margaret in line. Poor Melissa– stuck again between her sister-in-law and her friend. It’s a familiar seat since she was there when Teresa was feuding with Jackie Goldschneider.

Well, Melissa hit up Instagram and it sounded like her post was shading Teresa. “Tell the Truth!! Aren’t you ready to watch us girls have some fun? Aren’t you sick of the miserable, nasty, & crazy?? Well tonight is your episode!” Melissa wrote. “I had so much fun with these ladies just finally having a good time and some good old fashion fun! We had so much fun recording “Lady Drama,” Melissa said.

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“No we did not take it seriously & we sound like dead dogs but at least we bonded and smiled and laughed together. I vote for more fun! I vote for more happiness,” she added with a heart emoji. Of course, Teresa and Dolores were not there for the recording.

Melissa continued, “I I wish you got to see more of Antonia‘s [Gorga’s] sweet 16 it was such a gorgeous party. So tonight you finally see some happiness… until the very end of the episode of course #overit #rhonj,” Melissa added with a rolling eyes emoji. Jackie wrote in the comments, “Love my girls!!” with a heart emoji. Margaret commented with emojis of musical notes, a microphone, heart, lips, and pigtails.

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Melissa played a game of “Who Will It Be: Marge or Tre?” She revealed that she hasn’t spoken to Teresa since the reunion and called Margaret “more loyal” than Teresa. Duh. Margaret also hasn’t spoken to Teresa since the reunion.

It sounds like Teresa refused to accept responsibility for any of her actions (again) at the reunion and is burning bridges with her RHONJ co-stars.


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