Scheana Shay Says She Was Supposed To Film Summer House With Carl Radke

When it comes to anything Vanderpump Rules, all roads lead back to Kristen Doute. Remember that little Carl Radke and Scheana Marie hook-up rumor from back in the day?

Kristen gave life and confirmed the rumor when she shared in an interview, “So I wasn’t there, but I can one million percent confirm that it happened.” Only Kristen could be so certain over something she has no evidence of. And only my crazy-ass would believe her. But low and behold, she was right. Sort of.

Scheana and I hooked up. Yes,” Carl said during an episode of Watch What Happens Live. He really let everyone’s imagination run wild with that bit of info. In a later interview Carl eventually set the record straight, admitting that he and Scheana had only made out. Very Carl 1.0 of him to have pretended anything else. And then, true to form, he went on to infamously “finger-bang” his new girlfriend, Lindsay Hubbard. Alls well that ends well.

Scheana shared during her Scheananigans podcast that her post-hook-up relationship with Carl almost made it to our TV screens! “I was supposed to go back, cause Carl and I kind of hand a thing,” she explained.

She reviewed the situation, saying things were “so off for a while” because Carl misled everyone to think they had had sex. “I didn’t think it was his place to go and say that on national television” she said. Scheana explained that when she went to film an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Kyle Cooke, he brought Carl along for the ride.

Scheana and Carl ended up “hitting it off again” during the episode, which she thinks led to a storyline where she was set up to visit Carl on camera. She explained, “I was supposed to go to Summer House and see him and film, whatever, like a weekend there.”

“Just going to visit, you know, my friend. The guy I was talking to,” she intimated. Scheana made a guess that Carl’s *actual* hook-up with Lindsay was the reason she didn’t end up going to film. “I assume that’s why they cancelled my trip. I think that would have been a weird type of storyline while that was going on!”

Scheaner went on to fully support Carl and Lindsay’s new relationship saying, “I love them together.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]