Brandi Glanville Says She’s No Longer A Fit For Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Because It’s “Less Authentic” Than What It Used To Be

Some loved her, some hated her. And some loved to hate her (me). Either way, Brandi Glanville certainly used her time wisely on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She was always, and I mean always, front and center of the drama. Even after she was booted from the show in 2015. Case in point: she reappeared on season 10 to push a storyline that she allegedly slept with new cast member Denise Richards. And while it was the talk of the season, it gave Brandi a different take on the franchise.

Brandi recently told Page Six of a possible return to RHOBH, “Honestly, it’s a different show than what I used to shoot.” She added, “When we used to shoot, they would just drop us off and be like, ‘You go and whatever happens, happens.’”

When Brandi hopped back on the show for a guest starring role for season 10, it was a whole decade after she originally appeared. She was brought on to stir the pot (duh) with her claims that she had sex with Denise. According to Brandi, she thought Denise and her husband were in an open marriage. But Denise vehemently denied she ever had sex with Brandi. And the rest of the cast spent the entire season harassing her about it. Denise even left the show over the incident.

As for Brandi’s experience filming the whole thing, she deemed it “inauthentic.” She recalled, “When I came back with the Denise drama, it was like, ‘OK, you sit here, you do this, we’re gonna do this again.’ It felt very much produced to me, and I’m not actress.” Brandi continued, “It’s like, ‘Do that again.’ And I’m like, ‘What’d I do?’ I’m real in the moment, so I don’t know if I’m a good fit for what it is now. It just seems less authentic these days and more produced to me.”

But does the show need her? Maybe yes. Brandi is apparently “friendly” with both Erika Jayne and Sutton Stracke. Now that would make for an interesting dynamic with Brandi in the middle. Brandi noted of the current drama between them, “I definitely would have an opinion [if I were on this season].” But she stopped short of saying whose side she would take. Brandi went on, “I think Sutton has been ignorant in some of the things that she said, but I don’t think they were malicious.” When speaking about what Sutton allegedly said to costar Crystal Kung Minkoff, Brandi remarked, “I don’t think she did it on purpose.”

Regardless, Brandi thinks that Erika is really enjoying seeing Sutton “go down.” She concluded, “Every time that something happens to Sutton, [Erika’s] like, ‘All right, let’s poke it a little more.’ And I just feel like the two don’t like each other, it’s obvious. But it’s just like, I don’t know [who I would side with].”

So what’s up next for Brandi? She is set to appear on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex Wives Club. The season 2 installment of RHUGT will premiere June 23rd on Peacock.


[Photo Credit: E!]