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Garcelle Beauvais’ Son Oliver Saunders’ Wife Accuses Him Of Cheating On Her With Raquel Leviss

Whew, the drama just keeps on coming. Can someone please bring Ms. Garcelle Beauvais a glass of wine? She’s going to need it. This season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been anything but boring. And off screen, Garcelle has faced the worst that social media has to offer because of it. Just recently, her 14 year-old son was attacked by trolls and bots on Instagram, causing her to be in tears over the matter.

Now her adult son, Oliver Saunders, is in a social media mess of his own making (allegedly). Oliver has been featured on RHOBH with Garcelle a few times. Most notably at her birthday party, where a slurring Erika Jayne tried to get into his pants. That didn’t work but according to his wife, Samantha Saunders, plenty of other women have been interfering with their marriage.

Samantha recently went on a tirade to expose him of his alleged misdeeds on her Instagram account. She accuses him of being a cheater with multiple women. And one of those being Raquel Leviss of Vanderpump Rules fame. If you’ve been following Lisa Vanderpump’s latest venture, you probably already know that Oliver is working at Vanderpump Paris in Las Vegas. This is where the alleged makeup session happened.

But Samantha started by posting a cropped screen shot of an alleged text he sent her making fun of her mental health. She wrote in her text, “I would pray you know me enough that this never happened and you would defend me that this is false.” To which Oliver allegedly responded, “Shyt at least nobody take somebody in a cooco house seriously. SMH (shaking my head).”

She then went on to BLAST him into orbit on her caption. Samantha began, “I have been told to stay SILENT! DIVORCE- @iamoliversaunders.  Since oliver has started working at @vanderpumpparis he has disrespected me and my kids in every way possible. He has made jokes about my mental health and suicidal thoughts with coworkers. He has committed adultery with coworkers and guests of the restaurant.”

Her caption then went on to mention the real tea of the matter, which involves Raquel. Samantha continued, “I have found out he has made out with Raquel while filming @lisavanderpump & plans to continue to go on a date with Raquel while filming. He continue to lie to me and say he wanted to work on things but behind my back continue to talk bad about me and disown being a stepdad.

“When I met Oliver and fell in love him him I had no idea the demons he was battling- Because I loved this man and saw everything he was cable of I stayed and trusted him. I stayed silent and helped him behind closed doors and never talked bad about him or blasted his secrets. I helped this man get back on feet after fighting a strong addiction and battling in the courts. I financially supported this man and all the kids off one income while he was getting clean. I worked extra paid for all his studio time with music,podcasts, video shoots etc. once he got his job I decided to pursue real estate trusting he was going to support me like I did to him. Instead this man has left me in thousands of dollars of debt and In a financial struggle.”

Wow wow wow that is messy. Samantha then concluded, “My family will now need the time to heal from all this pain that we have been through publicly and behind closed doors. Please keep us in your prayers.” Her final line? “YES I HAVE Receipts of everything!!”

Receipts she went on to post to Oliver’s Instagram Stories. Clearly she had his password and she made good use of it by posting some very explicit texts between Oliver and other women. In her own Instagram Story, she wrote, “BTW Oliver is a guest on Vanderpump Rules! He’s not paid! He’s cheating publicly with Raquel on camera only for fame! No bag! Not worth losing your family for this!” Yikes! VPR is going to have one hell of a season if any of this is true.

For his part, Oliver jumped on his own social media and didn’t post a denial, but rather an apology. It was on an Instagram Story, which has already disappeared after the 24 hour period. Thankfully, fan account @thetalkofshame got the screen shot and posted it for us. Oliver wrote, “I apologize for my sons mother putting my business out there. We are getting divorced.”

If Samantha is telling the truth, he should be apologizing to her, not us. Now someone please get Garcelle that glass of wine.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]