Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna’s Most Outrageous Moments On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

There’s no one like Lisa Rinna. She’s loud, loves dancing in her underwear for attention, has big lips and an even bigger mouth. I was once a huge fan of Rinna when she first came to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but over time she’s just terrorized too many people to be ok with. Here’s a look at Lisa’s most outrageous moments on RHOBH:

1. The time she said Kim Richards was close to death

Rinna had it out for Kim Richards since day one. Kim was the only person to see through Rinna’s antics when she started on RHOBH. Rinna has talked a lot of trash about Kim, but she was most outrageous when she told Eden Sassoon in Season 6 that Kim was close to death. Lisa “I own it” Rinna then proceeded to have pretend amnesia when she was confronted by Kyle Richards in Mexico about whether or not she said Kim was dying. Hypocrisy much?

2. Don’t you ever talk about my husband!

Everyone knows this one! Even people who don’t watch RHOBH or Housewives know this one. On the girls trip to Amsterdam during Season 8, Rinna and Kim went head to head after Lisa refused to stop talking about Kim’s sobriety. Kim told Rinna to eat a piece of bread, and brought up Harry Hamlin – which is apparently a cardinal sin! Rinna blew up at Kim, with such an over display of emotions that you could only conclude that something must be wrong with her marriage. Rinna growled at Kim, saying, “don’t you ever talk about my husband!” She then proceeded to shatter a wine glass on the table and go for Kim’s throat in a serious act of physical aggression.

3. When she gaslit Eden Sassoon

Remember when she told one hit wonder, Eden, that Kim was close to death? And then deny it all season? Yeah after calling Eden a liar and using her all season to fan the flames that Kim wasn’t ok, she then turned her back on Eden so fast during the Season 6 finale. Poor Eden genuinely thought she had found one friend on RHOBH, but Rinna cold shouldered her so harshly at Lisa Vanderpump’s House party, it was genuinely hard to watch. That might have been the first time I finally noticed how calculated and evil she could be.

4. Ooh you’re so angry

What does 20 years of friendship mean to Lipsa? Literally nothing! The perfect example of this is illuminated in Rinna’s behavior towards her “friend” Denise Richards during Season 10. There’s no need to reiterate the Brandi Granville infused drama. All that needs to be underscored here is that Rinna attacked a long time friend over a potential sexual indiscretion and ruined her. Funny, Rinna won’t take that aggression to Erika Girardi whose actually connected to robbing widows and orphans!

5.  When she accused Yolanda Hadid of Munchausen Syndrome

Another outrageously low point for Rinna was when she questioned whether or not Yolanda Hadid had Lyme disease. Chronic illness is invisible often times and truly upsetting and draining for people who have to deal with it. Not only did Rinna bring up Munchausen Syndrome all on her own, but she also tried to blame LVP for why it was brought up in the first place. Can Vanderpump be Bobby Fisher? Sure. But Rinna is an adult woman who has a big mouth. Just own it Lisa, own it!

Here’s hoping we’re done watching Rinna blow up other peoples lives and shift the blame. It’s time for her to answer for her bad behavior. Let’s hope the reunion delivers us some good stuff!


[Photo Credit: John Tsiavis/Bravo]