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Vanderpump Rules Star Tom Schwartz Says He Was “Addicted To Sadness”

Cheers to BravoCon for giving Bravo enthusiasts a chance to get some tea and cast interactions between seasons.  Too much has gone down with the Vanderpump Rules cast since the Season 9 reunion.  But thankfully, the cast was brought together onstage for BravoCon 2022. Including former spouses Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz.

The two have been a staple on the show, dating since 2010.  They were wed by Vanderpump Rules matriarch Lisa Vanderpump in 2016, but only filed the official paperwork in 2019 after another ceremony in Las Vegas. Sadly, Katie and Tom announced their decision to split in March 2022.

When asked how he was coping during the Vanderpump Rules panel event, Tom answered, “Man, it’s been an emotional roller coaster. I feel like for the first few months, I was a sad sack of s— and I think I’m guilty of indulging in it a bit.”

“I got addicted to the sadness for a bit,” Tom added. “I turned EMO for a bit. I was wallowing in my own pity party.”

But People reported that participating at BravoCon was very uplifting for the reality star.  “I’m good now,” Tom said.

The “Something About Her” founder revealed that she’s doing, “good” and “great.”

Tom and Katie were asked about their decision to issue a joint statement announcing their separation. Katie explained that, “we kind of had to,” adding, “There was some rumors and I think I wanted to just live in my truth. We’ve already shared so much of our lives.”

Indeed, the former couple’s statement was very cordial and respectful.  At the time, Katie wrote, “I never thought I would have to make an announcement like this. But I feel it’s important that I’m open about my life with you. After 12 years on an adventure through life together Tom and I are ending our marriage. This ending is not met with resentment or animosity, no sides to choose. We have deep admiration for one another that will always remain and we cherish our friendship.”

“Although we may be on different paths we will continue to love and support one another’s happiness. Thank you for all the kind words and support,” Katie concluded the heartbreaking message.

For his part, Tom wrote, “Well this sucks. How am I supposed to capture 12 years of love in a f–in canned Instagram caption. I’m not quite ready to use the ‘D’ word bc it’s too painful. Yes my heart aches but I’ll be ok.”

The restaurant owner added, “Fully respect Katie’s decision and we’ve had healthy, productive conversations about it. It would be far sadder if she decided to stay with me whilst not happy. We had some of the most blissful, romantic, fun times humanly possible over the course of our relationship.”
Tom expressed that Katie, “taught me so much about love & being a better partner.”

Reflecting on that post at BravoCon, the TomTom founder admitted, “It was a bummer because we got divorced and we were working through it and I was making peace with it but then when we made the comments about going public, that was hard. How do you capture 12 years of a relationship in an Instagram post? It sucks.”

“I am the No. 1 champion for Katie,” he added. “I know you may not always feel that but I am rooting for you and I love you.”

Vanderpump Rules costars then shared their thoughts on the split. Tom’s bestie Tom Sandoval weighed in, “I felt like my mom and dad were getting divorced. I was really sad about it. I would listen to music and cry about it sometimes in the car. It was a lot for me.”
Lala Kent is monopolizing on Katie’s single status. “We’ve been having the best time,” she said. “I just, I love this Katie. Her face looks different. As she said, she’s living in her truth. We deserve to be happy and if something not working, be it 12 years or 5 years, we deserve to be happy. And this girl is the only reason why I finally had sex again.”
And Katie is loving her new friendship with the mother of one.  She previously told People that, “We’re having the best time. We’re having the best time. We call each other every morning to talk about what boys we’re talking to, who we think we’re going to give the boot to. We’re just enjoying being single together. I love that I have a little partner in crime.”

Though BravoCon was the first official event that Katie and Tom were seen together, they have been enjoying each other’s company as friends.  Tom guest starred on Katie’s podcast Dear Media’s You’re Gonna Love Me with Katie Maloney. During the recent episode, he admitted, “we’re still hanging out, not in an unhealthy, exorbitant way, but we give each other space, boundaries. We’re still buddies, we still check in on each other.”

“I’m happy that we’re still close,” Tom said. “I think, relatively speaking, we’ve done a damn good job divorcing each other.”

Katie confirmed the amicable situation. “We hung out the other day and you had posted on your story and then I reposted it,” she explained. “And I think people were a little confused by that.”

“We do see each other, but we were family for, you know, many, many, many years,” Katie added. “And that’s been a priority to us, I think, throughout this entire process to maintain.”

For his part, Tom has kept his personal life below the radar.  Though he was linked to newly single Raquel Leviss, who split from Vanderpump Rules co-star James Kennedy in Decemeber 2021.
Tom and Katie recently settled their divorce.


[Photo Credit: Ralph Bavaro/Bravo]