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Brandi Glanville Shares Where She Stands With Kim Richards

When Brandi Glanville first graced our screens during Season 2 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she immediately grabbed fans’ attention by going at it with sisters and OGs Kim Richards and Kyle Richards. After Brandi accused Kim of doing “coke all night long in the bathroom,” Kim and Kyle went at it with Brandi repeatedly.

After a shocking turn of events, Brandi and Kim became besties at some point. After they were both off of RHOBH, that’s when they really grew closer.

According to RealityBlurb!, Brandi shared on the podcast Two T’s In A Pod, “I love Kim. We are not talking still, but she’s like a sister to me.” The duo had a falling out after a fight in a hot tub.

Brandi said, “During COVID, I took her to the emergency room and then… COVID was hard for everyone. We don’t get along all the time,” she stated. “We fight. She’s like a sister. We would get in fights. My kids loved her but when she was mean to me, I was mean back so I think she kinda just quit me,” Brandi added.

Brandi and Kim were both featured in Season 10 of RHOBHwhere they came and dropped the bomb about Denise Richards and Brandi’s alleged hook-up.

Even though they haven’t talked in some time, Brandi is hopeful about their relationship. “She knows I love her, and she knows I will never tell her secrets or share any of the sh-t we went through, and I do think she’ll come back around at a point but I’m not gonna chase her down,” Brandi explained.

The Richards sisters fighting with each other isn’t something we are surprised about as fans of RHOBH. Brandi talked about Kyle and Kathy Hilton’s most recent blowup on the show, adding, “Blood is always thicker than water. The sisters will always come back together.”

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It’s nice to hear her be so optimistic after the way the Season 12 reunion went down. Even though she was full of emotions, Brandi thought that Kyle will be able to mend things between them all. “[Kyle Richards] is the person that holds that… She’s the one that holds them all together,” she said.

Thanks to Kyle, the only “OG” left on the Bravo series, she has really stepped into her role as RHOBH’s HBIC. She’s messy — I’ll just come out and say it. But it’s something Housewives fans look forward to with her.

Brandi thanks Kyle for leading the pack on RHOBH “in a good way.” Switching over to who she thinks should return to the series, Brandi compared the current cast to a season of Big Brother. She would know best as she spent some time on the first season of Celebrity Big Brother where she went at it with reality TV legend Omarosa.

“It’s like, everyone has their final two,” Brandi explained. “Kyle has [Dorit Kemsley], Rinna has Erika [Jayne], [Sutton Stracke] and [Garcelle Beauvais]. I would definitely break up some of the couples. [But] I don’t know if I would start completely fresh,” she added.

When asked who she would get rid of, Brandi replied, Crystal [Kung-Minkoff.] Because who’s her final two?”

Listen, I know Crystal isn’t everyone’s favorite, but I enjoy her on the show. I actually think she reads the girls in ways some of them can’t keep up with. Give her a chance. Give her time to develop and grow as a Housewife. She’s just getting started, and I really hope we don’t lose her next season.


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