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Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 7 Episode 11 Recap: The Curious Case Of Mia Thornton and Jacqueline Blake’s Friendship

The Real Housewives of Potomac are keeping fans on the edges of their seats by bringing nonstop drama week after week. Since season 7 first started airing, Gizelle Bryant slapped us with the revelation that Chris Bassett made her “uncomfortable” when he allegedly asked to speak with her in her hotel room during RHOP’s Season 6 reunion. Then, the drama between Robyn Dixon and Dr. Wendy Osefo escalated.

The biggest fight of the season, which was between Wendy and Mia Thornton, erupted when the ladies were in South Beach, Miami, for one of their cast trips. While there, Patricia Peter Thomas from the Real Housewives of Atlanta spent a lot of time with the Potomac Housewives because he believes Miami is “his city.” Apparently, Mia, her husband Gordon Thornton, and Peter are super close. When they were in Miami, Peter told Mia how he had “beef” with Wendy for not hitting him up when she landed to let him know she was in “his city.” When Mia brought that information back to the group, it was the spark that set that entire table into flames. Drinks were thrown, and handbags were swung. I mean, it was a lot. And now that the ladies are officially back in Potomac and out of Miami, they’re rehashing everything that went down. And we’re picking up right there.

Ashley’s House Hunt Continues

Ever since Ashley Darby informed the ladies that she and Michael Darby would be divorcing, the actions that followed have been quite confusing to the cast and fans of the show. If you remember, and I’m sure you do, Michael has put Ashley through a lot. Not only did their Australian restaurant business tank, but Ashley also had to deal with several of Michael’s embarrassing encounters with her friends.


From alleged unwanted butt grabs with cast and producers to allegedly wanting to “suck” Juan Dixon’s man parts, she also had to see the picture of him inside a hotel room floating around the blogs for everyone to see. And the list surely could go on.

So when Ashley told everyone she would be divorcing this creep of a man, everyone was ecstatic. But when she also revealed that they were looking to purchase a home together, that’s when the questions started to begin. Because of her financial connection to Michael, Ashely basically has to do things — like buying a home — with Michael involved. But apparently, she’s fine with it.

Robyn And Juan’s Complicated Prenup

Fans have been waiting and waiting for the wedding that is likely to never be between Robyn and Juan. Listen, I want to be supportive, but whew, at this point, my excitement has dwindled. At least we know that Robyn and Juan have a marriage certificate.  But there’s still no date… and it’s been two years. In this episode, Juan revealed that he told Robyn to pick a date. Whatever date she wanted, she could have, and the wedding would’ve been hers. Yet, here we are–watching the third season in a row of you “planning” your wedding.

Robyn and Juan showcased their divorce on the first season of RHOP. Since then, they stayed together, under the same roof, for the sake of their kids. During that time, the pair were constantly working on their relationship, and eventually, Juan popped the question, and the couple was re-engaged!

I guess there’s been some progress. They moved into a brand new home together, and now, the topic surrounding a prenup has entered the conversation. Oh, and in that prenup, Robyn suggested they have an “infidelity clause” to protect them in case one or the other decided to slip up down the road. Clearly, Juan was not too thrilled about signing a prenup. Every time this topic was brought up, he tends to shut down. Could it be the fact that now Robyn makes more than he does? She seems to think so.

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Wendy Figuring Out Her Next Move

Throughout Wendy’s time on the show, she has showcased a lot about her past, upbringing, and culture. Being the first Nigerian Housewife in the Real Housewives franchise, Wendy has stated several times that she wants to make sure she represents every part of who she is.

Wendy has four degrees (she won’t let us forget — and she shouldn’t!), is a professor at Johns Hopkins University, and is also a political commentator. Her resume is loaded with some pretty impressive accomplishments, many of which are a first on this show, and she has every right to be proud of those.

In this episode, we saw Wendy recovering after a painful surgery for kidney stones. During her healing process, she spoke with her mom about how busy she is and how all of her moves are putting a strain on her. Her mom agreed that Wendy should take some time to really slow down and make sure she’s taking care of herself.

The Ladies Are Reasonably Shady

Robyn and Gizelle had their live show event for their podcast, Reasonably Shady. Most of the ladies were there except for Wendy, who was recovering from surgery, and Candiace Dillard-Bassett, who said she doesn’t want to support anything Gizelle is doing. And I guess I can’t blame her.

The ladies that were there were being pretty shady, if I do say so myself. First, you have Karen Huger shading Gizzy and Robyn for the number of empty seats they had at their event. Then, she created her own list titled “What the f–k not to do” for her own live show that’s coming soon. It featured rules like no boring dancing and making sure the host knows your name. 

Mia jumped in and took a few jabs as well, noting that at least they upgraded from Gizelle’s unfinished driveway to an actual venue. Even if their guests had a 20-seat gap from each other, as Karen suggested.

Mia And Jacqueline’s Sexual History

Throughout the episode, the ladies had several conversations about Mia and Jacqueline Blake’s friendship. Questions first started to swirl after the pair were seen naked together in the shower in Miami. Messy Gizelle, of course, brought it to the group. So, Mia revealed some interesting facts about the pair’s relationship.

Mia told Karen that she’s literally scoped out Jacqueline’s lady parts with a flashlight when they were either 19 or 20 because she wanted to be a gynecologist. She also revealed that she once had a boyfriend who was really good in bed, and she wanted to share that experience with Jacqueline. So she let her hook up with her boyfriend, and she said she loves to watch her partners with other people. Yep, you read that right. They’re a… peculiar set of friends.

Once this information made it back to the group, Gizelle asked Jacqueline if she’s ever had sex with Gordon. Jacqueline replied that the ladies would have to ask Mia themselves. Uhh, say what now? Because now it’s really starting to get spicy.

At the end of the conversation, Mia said that she and Jacqueline would have to get together to compare notes and decide together what they would tell the group about their past encounters, leaving everyone even more curious. The episode ended with no honest answer. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned in to see what’s revealed next.


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