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Kenya Moore Felt “Stifled” In Marriage To Marc Daly; Says She had To “Be A Certain Kind Of Wife” Before Split

In 2017, Real Housewives of Atlanta peach Kenya Moore secretly tied the knot with Marc Daly in St. Lucia. If a cast member on a Real Housewives show doesn’t have their wedding filmed for the franchise, is it even legally binding?

Kenya and Marc welcomed their precious baby girl, Brooklyn Daly, in 2018. Say what you will about her shady ways, but Kenya is an excellent mother. But when Twirl’s RHOA co-stars saw the tension between Marc and Kenya, it was a shock.

Their relationship imploded during a charity function that Marc was hosting. The couple’s squabble was caught on camera.

The way that Marc belittled Kenya on the show was disturbing. Every time Marc called her “Ken” in that tone I bristled. Even Marlo Hampton remarked, “It’s like, I like cringe when I see him and her on the show.”

In September 2019, Marc and Kenya decided to separate. And in August 2021, Kenya filed for divorce, stating that the marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

People reported that Kenya was a guest on Tamron Hall and discussed the status of her divorce. Host Tamron Hall shared a clip of Kenya and Marc from an appearance in September 2019. “There are certain shows that haunt me to this day. Yours was one of them,” Tamron stated. “You were here on the set. You were talking about love with Marc.” Marc discussed being “supportive” in their relationship. Everything looked perfect, but the duo decided to split just three days later.

Kenya explained, “We were having problems and there was always this hope that we could get over it, that we could go to counseling, and that it could be better. Doing your show was a highlight because it was the first time he was really supportive of me,” she said. “Our whole family was together.”

She continued, “When we got back to Atlanta, we did a filming for Real Housewives [of Atlanta] and it was like this huge event that we had put a lot of energy into. It was a struggle just to work through our differences even during the show. A lot of it was exposed, just how we weren’t getting along or weren’t on the same page,” the former Dancing with the Stars competitor added.

“As I said before, I felt like my voice was stifled a lot because I felt like I had to be a certain kind of wife to get along with him and his personality. That’s not what a marriage is about,” Kenya said. Amen!

Tamron noted that in the old clip, Kenya bowed her head when Marc stated he was “supportive.” Tamron asked, “Were his words not ringing true or what you presented to us not real?”

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“Everything I do is real. However, it was up and down,” Kenya remarked. “He supported me in my business at times, but he never supported me when it came to the show. In the beginning, he refused to film.”

Tamron quipped, “Is that a bad thing? People go on the show and then their marriages end, or they end up in jail.”

“It was the way in which he could’ve supported me and that never happened. I protected him as much as I could. I protected our marriage as much as I could. There were signs in the very beginning before he ever stepped foot on the show,” Kenya said.

“In fact, I was very adamant about telling the producers, ‘I’m not going to put him on the show if that’s something he doesn’t want to do and it’ll affect our relationship in a negative way,’ I said no. But it was the other stuff that was going on,” she added.

Kenya said during the RHOA reunion in September 2022 that her divorce was still ongoing.

Let’s hope that it wraps up soon so Kenya can move on with her life.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]