Katie Maloney
(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Chloe Colette)

Katie Maloney Blasts Raquel Leviss as Having ‘Zero Empathy’ in Vanderpump Rules Preview

Here we go, gang. If it’s Wednesday, we wear anything but white nail polish. Vanderpump Rules is on tonight and Katie Maloney is going to try and avoid speaking to Raquel Leviss, but she won’t succeed. The vibe is intolerable, and once again Raquel doesn’t seem to understand when enough is enough.

According to the preview of this evening’s show, Katie will fight for her life struggling not to end Rachel’s because she won’t butt out. As an extra bonus, Tom Schwartz is on the side lines not supporting Katie as per usual. Bravo dropped the tease of what’s in store.

Keep calm and Katie on

We’re back in our original comfort zone where many dramatic moments in SUR history have taken place. The alley, of course. Katie is attempting to speak to Schwartz when Raquel approaches saying she doesn’t want to interrupt. But then fully interrupts because, of course she does.

Katie is clearly disturbed and tries to guide Wreckquel away from the area so she can continue speaking with her ex-husband. Schwartz tells Katie not to push Tom Sandoval’s side-piece, and Raquel won’t stop running her mouth.

Attempts are made at explaining to Raquel that a pre-existing conversation was taking place and her input was not welcome. After Katie’s requests were ignored, or perhaps not understood, she relents and allows Raquel to speak. Then a woman who lied to everyone for the better part of a year has the nerve to say she is “empathetic” to Katie’s feelings. Katie clocked her immediately saying Raquel has “zero empathy.”

Schwarz loses any remaining shred of likability and pleads for Katie to listen to Raquel’s drunk vocal fry explanation. Raquel basically gaslights Katie and proceeds to tell her how she feels. This is rich coming from someone who probably thinks soy milk is Spanish for “I like milk.” I’m not sure we should be looking to Raquel for these elevated thoughts.

While Raquel continues to rewrite history and advises Katie she had no malice or bad intentions when she kissed Schwartz, he backs her up every step of the way. Wonderful performance from two people deeply entrenched in an enormous lie.

Katie tried to make sense of the insensible. Schwartz announced he and Rachel “are buddies” and they both laugh together while Katie proves she has evolved by showing an enormous amount of restraint. “It was a flirty thing,” Raquel said. As if that would smooth everything over. Props to Katie on this one.

Do not miss Vanderpump Rules tonight at 9pm on Bravo.