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Candiace Dillard Bassett Slams Tom Sandoval’s ‘Bombastic Audacity’ After Vanderpump Rules Finale

Twitter must be lit with #pumprules right now. Whew, chile (in the voice of Cynthia Bailey), the tweets from EVERYONE are scorching. I mean, torching Tom Sandoval after last night’s Vanderpump Rules finale. One notable voice in the crowd is Real Housewives of Potomac star, and word-a-day calendar, Candiace Dillard Bassett.

What’s she bringing? She live-tweeted the event, and she brought a lot. How about “This whole scene is a lesson in bombastic audacity.” Mic drop. One fan’s response was, “… I’m stealing that. Gonna use it during S8 #RHOP. Often, probably.”

What else did Candi say?

She applauded, “Ariana [Madix] is better than all of us. I would have burned everything down.” Truth! Candi burns it down every time she hears something she doesn’t like. And I couldn’t imagine her letting Chris Bassett (I’m sorry, but Chris loves her – he’s not straying) get away with anything.

She continued, “If it was a facade, then, why didn’t you hang it up?!? Why did you play in her face and all of our faces, and have an affair under our noses for seven months Of Sundays?!?” Yessss! But wait, do you mean you waited till Sunday to watch the show? You’ve been grinding too hard then (between your single x Drew, your showS, your MBA, and your podcast) because VPR airs on Wednesday, my dear.

‘All of it’ she says

Are there any other gems? Why, yes. I’m voting @TherealCANDIACE as a post-reunion guest on WWHL. Girl says, “Y’all. Please tell me that my eyes and ears are deceiving me. This man just called his side-chick his main-chick’s name, and she is smiling like he just told her that he’s about to make her an omelet. In what world do we live? Where are we???? #PumpRules.” That’s where we are. Candiace is getting the tone of the Vanderpump reality. It’s very much a ‘go with whatever vibe you’re feeling’ flow. Let’s do a comparison of realities:

  • Tom’s interpretation of a relationship breakdown: Somewhat normal after 9 years
  • Tom’s definition of fireworks: Getting some strange
  • Tom’s definition of growing apart: Not spending time together because you don’t like what she likes
  • Tom’s work in therapy: Lying in therapy
  • Tom thinking Ariana doesn’t want to know: Tom’s guilt
  • Tom thinks Ariana should have followed him: Crazy

Candiace says, “Humans are imperfect beings. Lol. This is the lesson tonight. #PumpRules.” Cue Tom saying in the finale, “It’s not about somebody stroking my ego,” yet “we were giving each other confidence.” Confidence comes from within, Tom; not via Raquel Leviss. He continued, “As time went on, we became this support system for each other.” Yes, while she was simultaneously “supporting” Ariana.

As Candiace said, “My sternum is heavy!! #Pumprules.” Nuh, uh, uh. Drive Back, my friend. Drive back to sanity. She sends us off with, “Well. My God, today. That was a lot. Thank you for coming. #Pumprules.” And goodnight.

Watch Candiace this Sunday as she cameos on RHOA. Watch Vanderpump Rules 3-part reunion starting May 24 on Bravo.