TODAY -- Pictured: Amy Schumer on Wednesday, June 7, 2023 -- (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)

Amy Schumer Doesn’t Have ‘Raquel Rage’ but Bashes ‘Narcissist’ Tom Sandoval

It’s always a bit of a thrill when a bona fide celebrity speaks out about one of our favorite shows. There has been no bigger reality TV story than the affair that upended Vanderpump Rules. And even celebrities have been sucked into the vortex with the rest of us.

Tom Sandoval decided to cheat on his girlfriend of almost a decade, Ariana Madix. And in case that wasn’t hurtful enough, he slept with her best friend, Raquel Leviss. Sandoval continued to blame Ariana for his villainous behavior.

Actress and comedian Amy Schumer stopped by Watch What Happens Live to discuss all things Scandoval and the reunion. And Amy didn’t disappoint.

No sympathy for the Sandoval

Amy is Team Ariana all the way. But she admitted that she doesn’t feel the “Raquel rage” that other people feel. Raquel’s confessional, filmed days after the reunion ended, allowed her a chance to come clean. Sandoval wanted her to continue to lie about certain facts. It’s like Sandoval is allergic to the truth.

Amy said, “It’s not like she’s completely innocent.” She added, “I feel like Sandoval’s kind of an abuser; he’s telling her what to say.”

The final moments of the reunion, when Raquel broke down, had an impact on Amy. “You need a minute. It’s like the end of Schindler’s List,” Amy said. I wouldn’t go that far, as this isn’t nearly as serious. But it was a moment. Even Lala Kent felt some empathy for Raquel after watching the final reveal.

Amy doesn’t have the warm fuzzies for Sandoval. Even before this scandal broke, he was working her last nerve. “So, I have always been like this guy is a megalomaniac, he’s a narcissist, so before any of this, I have not been a Sandoval fan.”

She added that “he not only ruined white nail polish, he ruined the mustache for a lot of people,” she stated. “I think Tom Selleck. He’s probably furious right now.”

Amen, Amy! Preach!

Vanderpump Rules is streaming on Peacock if you’d like to catch up.