Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17, Episode 11 Recap: It’s My Fiesta and I’ll Cry If I Want To

Real Housewives of Orange County recap
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The heat was finally off Jennifer Pedranti on the last episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. Since Tamra Judge and Jenn had made up for a hot minute, the analyzing of Jenn’s relationship with alleged serial cheater Ryan Boyajian took a back seat. Instead, the group decided to focus on Shannon Beador’s relationship with John Janssen. And it all blew up at Jenn and Tamra’s doppelgänger party.

The party started off with everyone having a good time. Tamra looked just like Heather Dubrow with her wig and contoured cheek bones, and Shannon came in as a glittered out version of Gina Kirschenheiter. But the fun ended when Shannon accused Heather of talking about her relationship behind her back. Heather denied it, but the group all pointed at Heather as their source. Shannon did her best Tom Cruise impersonation, and jumped up and down on a couch shouting how happy she was with John. So happy she then ditched the party to avoid anymore questions. 

Here’s everything that happened in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17, Episode 11.

Drunk dialing denial

It was time for dress shopping with Emily Simpson and her friend Kimberly. There was an upcoming gala for the CA Innocence Project which Emily does legal work for to free wrongly accused people. Kimberly was an exoneree Emily helped free from jail. Emily realized that instead of complaining about her kids she should be thankful she was around to raise them. The two then wanted to grab Nobu but Emily joked she was probably banned after the infamous napkin toss. 

Meanwhile, Heather called Gina to let her know she was on her way to apologize to Shannon. Gina admitted she was still upset about Shannon yelling at her at the party for talking about John. She decided to skip Shannon’s upcoming fiesta party and go to Emily’s event instead. Heather agreed and thought it might be wise for her to skip it as well. But first, she had to talk to Shannon. 

Heather came in hot and got right down to business. She plead her case that she never spread misinformation about Shannon’s relationship with John. Except during her confessional, when Heather shared they never spent the night and John was only with her for the fame. Shannon didn’t appreciate Heather alluding she and John had anything other than regular relationship woes. Heather told her she might not remember, but she called a lot of people and spilled the tea. Emily and Gina joked Shannon drinks truth serum and needed a breathalyzer on her phone to avoid drunk dialing. Shannon didn’t appreciate the advice, so she threw her mike down and stormed off set. 

Breaking the fourth wall

Jenn hung out with her son Dominic as he showed her his latest moves with a soccer ball. She wondered if he ever had questions about his adoption or birth mother. Dominic seemed happy for now, but Jenn wanted him to know that she would always be there for him and support him. Then they had a cute tickle fight and his soccer ball ended up in the water. Where was Archie when you needed him?

Heather continued to live the fabulous life as she and her husband Terry Dubrow signed escrow papers on their new penthouse in Los Angeles. They also sold their Orange County mega mansion for $55 million dollars. Which is super helpful because that’s about the cost to buy a two bedroom 100 year old house in LA. Heather disclosed there was a third item but she didn’t want to share that just yet. More than likely it was the purchase of their Beverly Hills Mansion. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, here she comes!

Shannon went back to her party to set up, only to storm off again a few seconds later after a call with Emily. Emily accused Shannon of saying a bunch of BS off camera and not owning up to it. As Shannon tried to tell Emily it wasn’t her place to talk about her relationship, Emily unsuccessfully tried to hang up on her about 10 times. Emily is comedy gold. Shannon was shocked and told producers she wasn’t going to have the party. Meanwhile, Emily told producers she was over Shannon’s antics. They are breaking the fourth wall all over the place which really adds a fun dynamic to the show. Keep it up!

The party must go on

Emily and Gina arrived at the XONR8 gala in their best pink dresses. Emily met up with Tyrrell who she helped exonerate. He was able to get a bill passed by the governor to help people that were in his situation as well. Emily and Gina both concluded they had no reason to complain about trivial matters. Cut to Shannon complaining that no one was going to attend her party and this was a worse case scenario. The editors have the comedy down on the RHOC.

Tamra and Eddie Judge showed up, along with Jenn and Ryan, Taylor Armstrong and her husband John. Where was Vicki Gunvalson? She would know how to whoop up a party of any size. Shannon’s friend Lisa tried to stir it up when she snidely said so glad you are here to support our friend. Shannon shut down her camera time and said she was called Jekyll and Hyde, but it was time to have fun. Tamra got rid of her no tequila rule as the whole table downed shots as Señor Noodles fired up the flat top to cook their dinner. 

Eddie continued to try and earn his orange by getting messy again at the dinner. He said they were glad to be celebrating Shannon and John’s relationship and it’s not like John’s out banging another girl. This could have gone south fast if it weren’t for Ryan who stepped up and shouted that was his job. Everyone went wild.

Taylor wondered who she could trust with Emily, Gina, and Heather talking about Shannon. Jenn mentioned Gina told her that Shannon was poking around in her relationship. Shannon brought up how she saved Gina from being arrested and her kids going to CPS. Jenn was not happy to hear Shannon talk about a mom and her kids, and noted Gina was going to be pissed. Of course Tamra ended the night by shooting Taylor down with a tequila filled Super Soaker. Now that’s a friend you can trust!

Shannon took it one step to far

Heather continued her HGTV pitch by giving a tour of her new $14 million dollar penthouse. Everything was designed by Roberto Cavalli, and her home looked just like a show room from the Pacific Design Center. Heather was excited to be in LA should any acting jobs arise. To her this wasn’t a good bye to OC, but a nice break. 

Over at Jenn’s house she was feeding her foster kittens with her daughter Everleigh. Gina arrived to hear what she missed at Shannon’s party the other night. She was prepared to hear Shannon was mad about her talking about John, but instead Jenn informed her Shannon brought up saving Gina from being arrested and her kids taken to CPS. Gina had enough of Shannon lording that over her and said her kids were never going to be taken away. She was going to address it with Shannon as she had taken it one step to far bringing her kids into the equation.

No tacos on National Taco Day?

While Gina was planning to tear Shannon a new one, Emily had opposite plans. She met up with Shannon at restaurant to make amends. The tension was high as Shannon said down, and their chipper server couldn’t have been more oblivious as she took their order for burgers and a loaf of sourdough. No bread for Shannon, of course. 

Emily turned on the waterworks and apologized profusely to Shannon for the FaceTime call. Shannon wanted her to not talk about her relationship to other people behind her back and bring her concerns to her from now on. Emily agreed but wanted her to know she never said anything bad. Shannon noted it was Heather who was spreading rumors and insinuating that Emily and Gina meant ill will. 

Emily smartly redirected the conversation back to her and Shannon, and said she wanted their friendship back. She missed doing tequila shots and eating tacos. The apology tour seemed to work and Shannon forgave her for now. Shannon laid it on thick and told Emily her party was on National Taco Day, so she could have had tacos with her then. Fingers crossed Emily and Shannon can start whooping it up with some tacos and tequila once again!

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