The Worst Things Tom Sandoval Has Said About Ariana Madix

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There are many ways that Tom Sandoval has leaned into his reality TV villain status since Scandoval. It’s not just his over-the-top appearances on other shows like Special Forces, or launching a podcast about being a publicly derided figure, or allegedly trying to kill a dog. Since his affair with Rachel Leviss was exposed, Sandoval has taken every possible opportunity to bash Ariana Madix, his former partner of nine years.

At this point, Sandoval’s given so many anti-Ariana interviews, it’s hard to keep track of his every insult. Especially since he started dissing Rachel as well. Now, we’re spotlighting the worst of the worst things Sandoval’s said about Ariana. Once Vanderpump Rules returns for Season 11, we’re sure the list will only get longer.

Tom Sandoval’s Nasty BravoCon Comments

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If you thought Sandoval calmed down after eight months of Scandoval, well, sorry to burst your bubble. His most recent public appearances are, unfortunately, more of the same. Because this 41-year-old man has the maturity of a 14-year-old, Sandoval called Ariana “stank face” in this Access Hollywood interview at BravoCon.

At the same event, Sandoval also “joked” that Ariana ripped off his infamous lightning bolt necklace in a fit of rage. Making light of domestic violence is never, ever okay. Scheana Shay, who got flack for buddying up to her bestie’s ex, claims she confronted Sandoval for this Ariana diss. And that she told him to stop talking about Ariana in general. We hope that’s true, because Sandoval needs to hear it, but this story may just be Scheana’s attempt to save face.

Also at BravoCon, Ariana revealed that Sandoval hasn’t apologized for any of the terrible things he’s said about her. Even if he had, the fact that he can’t stop calling her nasty names shows any apology wouldn’t be genuine.

The Infamous T-Shirt Comment

Before the VPR Season 10 reunion aired, Andy Cohen teased that Sandoval would offend all womankind. And boy, was he right!

When Ariana brought up that they were still intimate amidst his affair with Rachel, Sandoval fired back, “yeah, she kept her t-shirt on, it was really hot.”

Everyone at the reunion was justifiably disgusted by the comment. Even Lisa Vanderpump briefly stopped defending him. Sandoval did apologize…to Tom Schwartz.

That’s already a gross thing to say about your ex-girlfriend, let alone to her face, and on television. But context made it even worse. Despite Tom’s claims that Ariana never opened up on camera, she was always very vulnerable about her body image and intimacy issues. As she explained in Season 6, those issues were brought on by an ex-boyfriend who made cruel comments at every turn.

“It’s Called Taking Accountability, Motherf*cker!”


To quote Lisa Vanderpump, “…did you just call her a motherf*cker?”

Tom Sandoval Blames Ariana For His Affair


What was that about taking accountability, Tom?

Because Kristen Doute cheated on him, Sandoval was able to get away with blaming her for their breakup. But Ariana is not Kristen. And Sandoval re-using lines from his Season 2 storyline fell flat.

That hasn’t stopped him for blaming Ariana for his own cheating, which he continues to do to this day. The reasons he mentioned on the show were, frankly, ludicrous. Ariana didn’t buy pens and batteries! She didn’t like his green sparkly pants! She didn’t want to go skydiving while on mushrooms!

But as funny as these excuses were, he also cruelly used her mental health struggles against her. Throughout the infamous Howie Mandel interview, Sandoval tried to blame the affair on Ariana for daring to be depressed and grieving that summer. Considering Sandoval’s own mental health struggles, his lack of empathy is staggering.

Calling Their Relationship One of “Convenience”

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Maybe Sandoval and Ariana were more like roommates towards the end. And maybe they partially stayed together to be a brand. But the way Sandoval publicly dismissed the entirety of their very serious, nine-year relationship as “convenience,” and “not love and romance,” was cruel. Especially since he said it to a tabloid, one of many ways he publicly humiliated Ariana. What Sandoval also missed is that, if this is true, he is also responsible for creating a narrative that suggested otherwise. And it certainly didn’t justify his affair in any way.

Kristen recounted that the comments sent Ariana spiraling and sobbing as she looked through nine years of photos, videos, and memories that were so heartlessly dismissed. People give Ariana a lot of flack for moving on so fast with Daniel Wai. But when Sandoval claims she wasted nine years and a mortgage on something that wasn’t real, can you blame her?

Insulting Her As “Grumpy Cat”


Sandoval spent years of their relationship putting Ariana on a pedestal—remember his corny “when I need a vacation, I just stare into Ariana’s eyes” line? In a sign of things to come, he would often praise Ariana while putting ex-girlfriend, Kristen, down. But even before Scandoval, the cover band singer made some pretty rude comments.

One of Sandoval’s biggest red flags was his reaction to Ariana’s cocktail book. Instead of being happy for her success, Sandoval’s jealousy took over. He diminished her accomplishment and her career as a bartender. When Ariana defended herself, he rudely remarked that her career was marred by “a reputation as Grumpy Cat.” In the interest of fairness, Ariana did fire back by calling him a “b*tch.”

We can only imagine what Sandoval’s saying about Ariana’s new cocktail book behind her back. And for the record—no, Ariana’s post-Scandoval success does not make any of these nasty remarks and name-calling okay.