Jennifer Aydin’s Worst Moments

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Jennifer Aydin made her debut on the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 9. Jennifer made fast friends with Teresa Giudice, proving she knew how to prolong her role in the show. The new RHONJ star and her husband, Dr. Bill Aydin, share five children. Jennifer also loved to brag about the number of bathrooms in her home and her extravagant lifestyle.

From the jump, Jennifer butted heads with Margaret Josephs. And Margaret was tight with Melissa Gorga and Jackie Goldschneider. Both sides picked fights with the other. Plus, once Jennifer had some tequila, her unpredictable behavior made for great television.

But Jennifer has had some not-great moments on RHONJ and at Bravo events. Let’s buckle up, take a cleansing breath, and look back at Jennifer Aydin’s worst moments.

Craziness in Cabo San Lucas

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In Cabo San Lucas, Danielle Staub took on Margaret, saying that she had no relationship with her children. And Teresa agreed, even though everyone knew that kids were off-limits.

Margaret threw a glass of wine at Danielle before storming off with Jackie. When Melissa said that someone threw a glass at her, Jennifer broke a glass on the table. She brandished the broken glass towards Melissa.

“Honey, if I threw a glass at you, you would know it. No, it was not me, sweetheart,” Jennifer slurred. Tequila Jennifer and Dolores Catania almost rumbled after Melissa left. It takes a lot for Paterson Dolores to make an appearance.

This troubling and aggressive behavior was repeated by Jennifer time and again.

Jersey Shore Drama With Melissa Gorga

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E! News reported that there was an altercation between Melissa and Jennifer at the Jersey Shore. During Season 12, the cast was interested in a questionable video made by Luis Ruelas, Teresa’s then-boyfriend. The couple is now married.

Melissa and Margaret slammed Jennifer for trying to find out information about Jackie’s husband, Evan Goldschneider. So, Jennifer called Melissa’s husband, Joe Gorga, a “little bitch girl.”

Melissa stood up and made a beeline for Jennifer. Then Jennifer grabbed her wrist, resulting in a quick shoving match. Jennifer tossed Melissa out of her home, along with Margaret and Jackie. Nothing fun ever happens at the Jersey Shore with this crew.

Jennifer Lost It at BravoCon 2022


Jennifer doesn’t even know how to behave when the Bravo cameras are down. According to People, Melissa and Joe ran into Jennifer in a hotel lobby at BravoCon 2022. Jennifer allegedly taunted Melissa and Joe, claiming that their feud with Joe’s sister Teresa endangered their RHONJ jobs.

Melissa reportedly called Jennifer a “wannabe” and “a loser.” After Joe and Jennifer fired some insults at each other, Jennifer tossed a plastic cup of water at the Gorga’s team.

Andy Cohen spoke out on Twitter. “I think the whole thing was gross. All of it,” he wrote. I agree. Are we reliving middle school every season of RHONJ?

Jennifer and Danielle Cabral Were Suspended

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Danielle Cabral signed on to the show for Season 13. She was immediately tight with Teresa and Jennifer. But during filming for Season 14, something went wrong between Danielle and Jennifer at one of Teresa’s events. The duo allegedly argued over a mutual hairdresser. Hopefully, not the artist who created Teresa’s towering wedding hairdo.  

Jennifer reportedly was handsy again and pushed Danielle. So, Danielle tossed her drink at her. Both ladies were suspended while Bravo investigated the incident.

Danielle and Jennifer were put in detention received a written warning and were allowed to resume filming. Unfortunately, once again, grown women were putting their hands on each other.

Jennifer Body Shamed a Fan at BravoCon 2023


Why can’t Jennifer hold it together at BravoCon? Page Six reported that at BravoCon 2023, Jennifer body-shamed an audience member. A fan asked Jennifer, “Do you think you could crawl any further up Teresa Giudice’s ass?” Fair enough.

When Jennifer started to pass the mic to Teresa, the fan said, “Teresa, I wasn’t talking to you. Sit down.” The fan, who was wearing a baseball cap and baggy, oversized sweatshirt, walked offstage.

“First of all, let me enlighten you,” Jennifer stated. “Sorry you don’t have any good friends, but good friends support each other all the time, and she supports me too,” Jennifer said of Teresa. As the fan left the stage, Jennifer began to yell at the audience member. “Hey! Hey, big boy! Big boy with the big mouth,” she called out. “Teresa’s gonna say something to you.”

Of course, the Bravoverse sounded off on social media, and most were not happy with Jennifer. Body-shaming is never acceptable.

Then, the mom of five doubled down. She commented on @rhonjsource’s Instagram page, “The whale waddled out.” This incident at BravoCon was one of Jennifer Aydin’s worst moments—ever. It was especially shocking because Jennifer discussed bullying with her daughter on the show.

Andy Cohen again had to address Jennifer’s latest mishap. “Oh, this is very disappointing,” Andy said. “I don’t like this. I don’t like this…That’s a fan that paid to be there.” 

Sadly, Jennifer has exhibited lots of bad behavior. And her habit of getting physical with castmates or body-shaming others isn’t acceptable. Maybe it is time for Jennifer to retire from RHONJ if she can’t act like a mature adult and treat others with respect.