Everything We Know About the RHOBH Season 13 Reunion

Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo

Season 13 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is still in full swing, but fans have already shifted their focus to the reunion. Fans have a lot of questions about the upcoming reunion, including who will be in the hot seat. We don’t know much yet, though we have bits and pieces. While we wait, let’s piece together what we know.

The Seating Chart


On January 26, Bravo shared the official seating chart for the RHOBH reunion. Kyle Richards and Sutton Stracke scored the hot seats right next to Andy Cohen, which usually means they will have the most to answer to at the reunion.

Garcelle Beauvais and Crystal Kung Minkoff filled out the rest of the couch next to Sutton on the right side. On the left side, Erika Jayne got the seat next to Kyle, followed by Dorit Kemsley and Annemarie Wiley.

The seating chart reveals a lot about the women’s current standing on the show. It makes sense Kyle is seated next to Andy after the year she’s had. From her marriage ending to those Morgan Wade rumors, she has a lot to clear up at the RHOBH reunion.

Sutton’s placement also seems right. The Georgia native really showed up to play this season. She planned a girls’ trip, went on dates, defended her medical condition, and carried around ashes in a plastic bag. Love it. She has become a central part of the show and deserves her flowers. In addition, she sparred with Kyle a lot this season, so it makes sense to have them opposite each other.

We bet Erika is thanking god to be out of the hot seat this reunion. The Pretty Mess singer might love the spotlight but we’re guessing she’s happy to be out of the line of fire for two years in a row.

Kathy Hilton Will Make an Appearance


Kathy Hilton left RHOBH on a sour note after Lisa Rinna accused her of making hateful remarks about her co-stars and her sister, Kyle. The claim seemed to open up old wounds for the Richards sisters. Kyle broke down crying at the Season 12 reunion over her frayed relationship with Kathy. The drama continued into Season 13 with Kyle revealing she and her sister have not been able to repair the relationship.

After Season 12, fans thought they would never see Kathy back on Real Housewives, but on January 27, Bravo confirmed that the 64-year-old would be making an appearance at the Season 13 reunion.

We don’t know much about Kathy’s reunion segment but we know it will be emotional. Annemarie teased the upcoming appearance in a January interview with Page Six, calling Kathy and Kyle’s reunion conversation “very deep and very necessary.” Omg. We just got chills.

Crystal also shared her thoughts on Kathy’s reunion appearance in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, telling the outlet the sisters have “come a long way.”

“People view their family in a way that I think is just way too judgmental, ’cause if you really think about your own siblings and your own life, you can fight with your brother or sister and not talk to them for a few months. That’s normal, but because they’re under a microscope, it just seems so much bigger and they’re not given the space that normal people,” she told the outlet.

While the conversation may have been tough for the sisters, it seems like everything worked out okay. Kathy shared a photo hanging with her sisters Kyle and Kim two days after the reunion was filmed.

“The best weekend with my sisters @kylerichards18 @kimrichards11,” she captioned the Instagram Post.

The Air Date


We don’t know for sure, but we suspect Part 1 of the reunion will air in late March. Usually, RHOBH seasons are around 20 episodes. By that logic, Episode 20 will air on Wednesday, March 13, which would mean Part I of the reunion will likely air on March 20.

Erika Wants Kyle to Be ‘Eviscerated’

(Erika Jaye/Instagram)

Erika is looking forward to seeing someone else in the hot seat. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the songstress revealed she hopes Andy doesn’t go easy on her pal Kyle. “As somebody who got eviscerated, I would like to see everybody get the same treatment,” she told Andy. “I love her. She’s a dear friend of mine, but fair is fair.”

We love Kyle too but yeah, we too have a lot of questions for her.

Crystal Says Dorit Is in the Hot Seat

(Crystal Kung Minkoff/Instagram)

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Crystal teased that Kyle isn’t the only one in the hot seat this year. She told the outlet that Dorit also got some heat in the upcoming reunion.

Sutton Might Have Fainted

(Sutton Stracke/Instagram)

In January, a popular Bravo fan account tweeted a rumor that Sutton fainted at the reunion.

“Alleged spoiler alert for the #RHOBH reunion—Sutton passed out at then end of the day and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. Garcelle went with,” the tweet read.

Sutton has been struggling with health issues this season but fainting at the reunion seems extreme and has us worried. None of the RHOBH ladies nor Andy have confirmed the rumor, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.