Pump Rules Season 11 Midseason Trailer: Most Shocking Moments

Pump Rules Season 11 midseason trailer
Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo via Getty Images

Here is hoping that Vanderpump Rules’ second half of Season 11 is brighter and more entertaining than the first. Currently, fans have watched Tom Sandoval cry his heart out about Rachel Leviss no longer loving him. But, at least he had lavender ice cream to drown the pain.

Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix are on a tirade as they make sure everyone knows that they are dead to her if they aren’t on Ariana’s side in the scandal. It’s been hard to be excited about the new season because die-hard fans have been living with Scandoval in real time. 

Fans like me have been scouring the internet and milking every story that comes our way, so we are pretty versed in what is going on in the WeHo world. But we are halfway through the season, which means we have been given a kernel of hope via the midseason trailer. So, let’s take a look at what we can expect! 

Schwartz Offers Katie a “One-Night Stand”

It has already been hinted that Katie and Tom Schwartz will be somehow involved in a ménage à trois, with Tom noting in the trailer, “Me and Katie are closer than ever right now. I mean, we’re dating the same girl.”

The girl in question is Tori Keeth, a singer and close friend of Scheana Shay. Somehow, it always comes back to be about Scheana, doesn’t it? However, Tom’s fling with BFF Jo Wenberg isn’t sitting well with Katie at all. 

The VPR Ken doesn’t help himself when he is caught speaking with Katie, sharing, “I know we’re divorced, but I was thinking, just a one-night stand…” What is this man thinking? I mean, he just slagged his ex-wife off while in Tahoe, but evidently, she is good enough for a quick shag? Gross. 

Scheana Questions Her Future With Brock

Brock Davies and Scheana Shay
Photo by: Todd Williamson/NBCUniversal

In the midseason trailer, producers suggest Scheana is questioning her marriage to Brock Davies. But what are we really looking at here? I have no doubt Scheana is having one hell of a time dealing with Scandoval. The affair has indirectly taken its toll on her. One scene showed the duo out for a nice dinner. There, cameras catch Scheana saying, “I don’t think you and I are going to be together forever.”

Brock isn’t the only man Scheana has an issue with, as the midseason trailer for Vanderpump Rules shows the Good as Gold singer struggling with the idea of forgiving Tom. The two were close, but many felt he was still just a user who couldn’t be trusted.

In an extremely emotional scene that probably dried out Scheana’s eyelashes, she yells, “I now have f*cked up thoughts about Brock and Lala, one of my best friends, because I’m like, ‘Oh my god, could someone do that to me? You did that!” She also questions if he wants to revisit their friendship just because of the cameras in the room. Cutting! But deserved.

Sandoval Tries To Speak to Ariana, Repeatedly

Tom Sandoval and Lisa Vanderpump in Pump Rules Season 11
Photo: Nicole Weingart/Bravo

What in the goat cheese balls is going on in Sandoval’s pea-sized mind? Clearly, Ariana has no desire to speak with him and even breathe the same air, so why is he trying to make a friendship happen? I feel like Tom is that bird who keeps flying to the pretty clean glass window. He just doesn’t get the hint.

Tom tries pushing his luck with Ariana at the beach, saying, “According to your rules, Ariana,” but Ariana cuts him off, repeating, “Don’t speak to me. Don’t speak to me.” 

At what looks like a cast finale party, Tom is seen again trying to break the ice, saying, “Ariana, wait a second!” But Tom can only keep his mask on for so long as he loses his patience and turns to his former circle of friends, revealing, “Ariana, she f*cking talks sh*t about all of you f*ckers.” Yikes, it seems to be trouble in hell, I mean paradise.

Ariana, who recently claimed she doesn’t get mad, breaks the fourth wall, stating, “He wants 30 seconds with the audience. He doesn’t give a f*ck if I f*cking died in a ditch.”

As if the midseason trailer couldn’t get any weirder, Sandoval is seen approaching Ariana’s boyfriend, Daniel Wai. He notes that Ariana has “good taste in men.” Honestly, it’s all a bit too much for me!

Vanderpump Rules continues on Bravo and is available to stream on Peacock.