Life After Lockup Recap

Michael Simmons Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup honestly never disappoints in the drama department. It’s always been a dramatic series, but this season has been the wildest yet. Amber’s return was so unexpected, but the arrival of Puppy is intriguing. She doesn’t seem as committed to life on the straight and narrow as Amber, so tension’s going to rise. Lamar Jackson’s screwed up once again, and now Andrea Edwards is on the warpath. STOP KEEPING SECRETS FROM THAT WOMAN!

The most heartbreaking aspect of this Life After Lockup season by far is what Brittany Santiago is dealing with regarding her mother. Watching someone struggle with addiction like that with no idea what to do is gut wrenching. She’s trying so hard to help her change her lifestyle, but she’s at her wits end. The secrets that have been exposed about Scott were not expected, but it’s a game changer. He’s not who has claimed to be all this time. Cue a vengeful Lindsey.

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Even though most of the couples on the show are a disaster, this is a GREAT season of Life After Lockup. There’s something transfixing about watching their lives crash and burn on television. You can’t look away. Amber returning to the show was quite the shock, but Puppy has a vibe that she should be weary of. She’s going to end up back in prison, so hopefully Amber is out of dodge before that happens.

Last time we saw Lindsey, she uncovered a lot of unnerving truths about Scott. He is nowhere even remotely close to the rich man that he claimed to be. Scott’s sorted past was highly unexpected, and the fallout promises to be intense. Lindsey doesn’t appear to be the type of woman to take this level of deceit with a grain of salt. If Scott isn’t careful, he’s going to find himself on the receiving on of a woman on the warpath.

Life After Lockup Recap: Large Pizza With A Side Of Deception
Things are getting weirder and more dramatic this week for our favorite Life After Lockup couples. Are these people even capable of having a happy ending? It seems like they’re destined for turmoil for as long as they choose to be together. Amber’s return caught me entirely off guard, and now her prison wife Puppy is getting released. Can they even make things work on the outside? The bigger question is what role (if any) will creepy Vince play in their lives?

Another Life After Lockup couple that’s about to be tested again is Andrea Edwards & Lamar Jackson. It’s never smooth sailing for this couple. Lamar’s choice to encourage their daughter to keep secrets from her mother is going to bite him hard. It’s only a matter of time before Andrea learns the truth and loses her mind. Speaking of losing something, will Shawn ever locate Destine? He still has $50,000 on the line, and her disappearance could cost him.

Lindsey Life After Lockup

Secrets always have a way of coming out, and Life After Lockup always proves that. If Scott has anything to hide, he is in for a rude awakening soon. Lindsey is hellbent on finding out whatever she can about his past because of how much he’s violated her privacy. Every skeleton in his closet is fair game for her. The walls might be closing in on this relationship. They’ve violated each other’s trust so many times that it’s hard to even keep count.

Another person at her breaking point is Brittany Santiago. She desperately wants to pull her mother out of the pit of despair and addiction. However, it’s not that simple. She has no idea if her mother is actually willing to stay on track and get help. A feeling of helplessness like that is hard to shake. Something else that’s hard to shake is John out of Lacey’s life. He’s out of prison and looking for answers. She better watch out.

Destinie Life After Lockup

There’s so much at stake this season for the couples of Life After Lockup. They’re being tested like never before. Lacey & John had to hear the worst news an expectant couple could ever hear; two of their babies did not survive. Horrible! The only thing that could be worse at this point is if John somehow reemerged. Let’s not forget poor Brittany Santiago who is watching her mother fall apart from addiction. What a helpless feeling.

Shawn is probably going through the wringer more than anyone this season on Life After Lockup. He is constantly feeling as if he’s on the verge of losing $50,000. If his runaway fiancé decides to skip court, resulting in a major financial loss for him. On top of that, he suspects Destinie might be pregnant after finding a pregnancy test box at home. He has no idea where she is, but if she doesn’t return, it’s going to wreck his life.

Lindsey Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup is proving to be harder than expected for many of these couples. Lamar Jackson feels like he has to hide his relationship with his oldest daughter from Andrea Edwards. What kind of marriage is that? THAT IS HIS DAUGHTER. Sarah Simmons & Michael Simmons are trying to come to some sort of agreement involving custody of their children. However, the idea of Sarah having sole custody is never going to sit well with him.

Scott & Lindsey are ALWAYS at their house, and the isolation is giving me so much anxiety. It’s really adding to the intensity of the drama the two are facing. It really does feel like they are trapped there with no way out. Shavel kicked Quaylon to the curb, so I’m not entirely sure what is left to say about them. Hopefully she doesn’t make the ill advised decision to take him back. Please don’t. The biggest mystery of all right now though is if Destinie is pregnant. Is she or isn’t she?

Michael Simmons Life After Lockup

Some of the most iconic couples from Love After Lockup are back for a new season of Life After Lockup. The initial phase of connecting after prison is one thing. However, the real test is if the relationship can last following that period. Things tend to get harder for the couples. Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago are back for another round, so hopefully things are better with her mother.

A few of the biggest hot mess couples are also back. There’s so many this time. None of these relationships are stable or solid. Will Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson fight another season about religion? Should Shane be nervous his pregnant wife Lacey will cozy up to John again? Don’t forget Michael Simmons and Sarah Simmons. Will this be the season he finally decides to be a father? Let’s do this!

Lacey Life After Lockup

Our time is already coming to an end with five infamous Life After Lockup couples. What a four-part season it’s been. These particular Life After Lockup couples know how to pack in the drama in a short period of time. The baptism drama between Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson could send them straight to divorce. If they can’t agree on something soon, this is a marriage that won’t make it much longer.

Speaking of marriages not making it, how surprising is it that Lacey and Shane got back together? Not only are they back together, but they’re having a baby! Love triangles and deceit are absolutely the foundation of a long lasting relationship. Also, watching Brittany Santiago’s relationship with her mother fall apart has been so disheartening to witness. They’ve come so far, and now it’s all crumbling to pieces. What a shame.