PK Kemsley

Lance Bass Says He Tried To Get Lisa Vanderpump To Quit Real Housewives For Years

Bravo announced last week that two new Housewives were joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next season–actress Garcelle Beauvais and party planner Sutton Stracke. It makes you wonder–does it take two Housewives to replace one departed Lisa Vanderpump?

All during Season 9, rumors were flying about whether or not Lisa would be returning for Season 10. Of course, Lisa announced before the reunion that she would not be returning for another year of castmate torture. Vanderpump fans everywhere were quick to blame her co-stars for her departure. If long-time Vanderpump friend Lance Bass had his way, however, Lisa would have left the show prior to last season.

PK & Dorit talk Pantygate

Who needs Eileen Davidson when we have Dorit Kemsley giving us actual soap opera-style drama? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star provides viewers with everything they need. Glamorous rented wardrobe? Check! Palatial estate? Kind of! Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous? Sure, if it’s 1989! My point is, Dorit deserves to be on this show. Honestly, who cares if they all live in Encino outside of Beverly Hills?

In the past, Dorit and husband PK, have been accused of stirring the pot. They have gone up against the likes of Lisa Rinna (but who hasn’t?). PK and Dorit famously labeled co-star Erika Jayne as “cold” (the truth hurts?). Dorit even went out of her way to challenge Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s concept of time management (how hard could that be?). The couple has also been accused of not paying their debts! Apparently that is just another requirement to maintain your slot on RHOBH. As Dorit and PK prepare for the financial fight of their lives, PK is hoping to spare Dorit from further embarrassment testifying in court.

Erika Jayne

How many f*cks does Erika Jayne give? About $6 million and counting, is my guess. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a show based around wealthy women who don’t live in Beverly Hills. Now under the haze of numerous legal battles, one could wonder if they will still be wealthy when it’s all over. It happens, even for the rich. Debts go unpaid, deals are made under the table, bankruptcies are filed. But when you’re a celebrity, everyone winds up knowing your business. Heck, I bet people even concoct outrageous stories in an attempt to distract from their financial shame.

Erika and husband, Tom Girardi, are one of the RHOBH couples being questioned about their funds. Formerly an enigma wrapped in a riddle and cash, Erika is currently a conundrum wrapped in court papers and searching for her glam squad. Tom has been utilizing his skills as a renowned attorney to get himself out of some hot water. After speculation emerged that Tom used a loan to “fund Erika’s tour his lavish lifestyle”, Erika found herself slapped with a lawsuit of her own. Apparently, the slapping isn’t done yet, my friends! Erika’s pretty mess just got a little messier.

Kyle Richards Reprises Role In Horror Film Classic Halloween

Kyle Richards doesn’t have a minute to spare, you guys. Arguably one of the busiest stars of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the brunette half of the Twisted Sisters is used to juggling duties. As a mother of four daughters, that might be enough to keep most people occupied. Not Kyle, she is always ready to take on a new task or accept a challenge. You might remember Kyle tried her hand at retail. Her Los Angeles store Kyle by Alene Too closed after three years. Then, Kyle wore a producer hat behind the cameras for a show she created, American Woman. Unfortunately, the network put her show on permanent hiatus after only one season.

Many viewers would undoubtedly agree the role Kyle is best known for is stealing her sister’s house falling into the hands of a psychopathic serial killer. A cinematic classic revolving around a scoundrel trolling neighborhood streets, looking for innocent victims. No, I am not talking about PK Kemsley searching for a loan. I’m referring to Halloween! The 1978 horror flick set the standard for scary people randomly showing up in your backyard. Kyle’s thought-provoking performance of Lindsey Wallace and Jamie Lee Curtis’ star power made an impression on the acting world. So much that now, 41 years later, Kyle is returning to the scene of the crime.

Denise Richards Confirms She Is Filming Season 10 Of RHOBH; Hints At Potential New Castmates

Denise Richards is plowing full steam ahead into Season 10 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her induction proved to be memorable. The actress fought wildfires, got married, and watched a legend leave the fold. Somehow Denise managed to stay above the fray of #puppygate and maintain positive relationships with her co-stars. Denise opened up about her turbulent life and maybe shared one too many details about husband Aaron Phypers. I think viewers and Aaron would agree we already have plenty of info on his dong. That said, it’s a refreshing change from hearing about PK Kemsley’s diabetes or anything to do with Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s job.

So what is the newlywed going to bring us next year? As far as we know, she won’t be joining the carpool to court with Dorit Kemsley and Erika Jayne. Filming recently began on a new beginning for the Real Housewives of The Valley With Questionable Views. As fans of the franchise know, if you aren’t one and done, you need to shine to keep that diamond. Now Denise talks about new additions and moving forward. Ding, ding, round two for Denise has officially begun.

PK & Dorit talk Pantygate

Dorit and PK Kemsley need a break, and it looks like they might have gotten one. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has had quite a year. After losing a dog in the worst adoption ever, Dorit also lost a good friend. In the midst of her personal drama, Dorit and PK were suffering financial drama as well. Encino Beverly Beach by Dorit was under scrutiny from Dorit’s business partner. PK may or may not have had an emotional affair with some gambling tables. As Dorit’s relationships faltered, so did her bank account.

In an effort to keep PK’s legs from being broken control their spending, Dorit and PK made the decision to unload Sam Nazarian’s their mansion in Beverly Hills. An open house, featured on Million Dollar Listing LA in January 2019 lead to a sobering update at the end of the episode. Two weeks after the event, Dorit and PK were robbed. They were among a slew of celebrities targeted by bougie thieves. Now, on the heels of moving into another rental home, Dorit and PK are breathing a sigh of relief that someone might be going to jail – and it isn’t them.

Report: Dorit & PK Kemsley’s New House Is A Rental, Couple Did Not Buy Home!

OH DORIT! We’re gathered here today, not to mourn, but to celebrate what once was. Dorit Kemsley fell into our laps on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills amid a flurry of strange accents and purchased hair. Dorit and husband PK  wowed viewers with their fancy cars and upscale home. Their flashy European lifestyle and famous 30 years ago houseguests gave fans a glimpse into their jetset existence. Friends of legitimately rich Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, the couple threw lavish parties, had designer wardrobes, and shared lessons in stirring the pot.

Then things got kind of sketchy. A slight hum on the rumor mill about the state of PK’s checkbook turned into a roar once his debt reached the million dollar mark. Gasp! How could this be? Dorit drives a rose-gold Bentley! As fear turned to reality, Dorit and PK did the only thing they could to throw the media off the scent of their negative account balance financial issues. Let’s replace one scandal with an even bigger scandal! Legend has it, this is how #puppygate was born… And now, despite the denials and facade… The hours of deflecting and legal bills increasing… Now we’ve reached the denouement. Friends, it’s with a heavy heart I give you this news. Dorit and PK, once the flashiest new additions to the RHOBH family, did not actually purchase their new house. Let’s bow our heads and chuckle to ourselves offer thoughts and prayers.

PK surprises Dorit with a Buddha lounge

Good news, everyone! We can finally rest easy, but it’s been a long haul. It’s difficult to determine the seconds of sleep we have lost during Dorit and PK Kemsley’s financial misadventures. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills potential inmate star has also been searching for her dignity a new home. Much to Dorit’s dismay, the news of her husband’s debts made mainstream headlines. But hey, this woman deserves a round of applause for the really super interesting storyline RHOBH forced on us last season. The dog at the center of Dorit’s failed adoption scandal has relocated and changed her name. Her new humans are prohibited from using the words “puppygate” and “kill shelter” in her presence.

Without the benefit of #puppygate as a shield, viewers are anxious to see what the ladies bring us next year. Most of the cast are facing court cases, as a result of their husband’s business dealings. Things seemed particularly bleak for Dorit and PK. They are the subject of multiple financial lawsuits and attempts to collect on a debt. Dorit’s bank account is colder than Erika Jayne’s attitude and she and PK have been required to reveal their assets. None of this has stopped the couple from living large. PK and Dorit have been jetting around Europe all summer and unabashedly flaunting their “wealth” on social media. Now they have made another huge purchase. As Boy George cowers in the corner somewhere, wondering if he’s ever going to get paid, the Kemsleys finally signed piece of paper without a court date attached to it.