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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Dorit Kemsley Reveals Why She Forgave Erika Jayne For Mocking Her Marriage With PK Kemsley

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been going through some tough times. Erika Jayne went from a formulated pop star to a scorned woman selling her clothes on consignment websites. Kyle Richards experienced another huge blow in her relationship with Kathy Hilton. And Lisa Rinna is both gone and forgotten. But let’s not leave out the antics of BravoCon 2022.

The Bravo reality television event finally came back and it did so with a vengeance. Everyone who was anyone was there, and a few people allegedly crashed the gates. The RHOBH ladies attended and during a question and answer period, Erika chose violence.

EJ was asked, “Which Bravolebrity relationship do you think is headed to Splitsville next?” At first, Erika responded, “I don’t want to answer this question because I feel bad,” but after hearing boos from the audience, she changed her mind. After a pause for applause, Erika got up and moved to the front of the stage, yelling, “Dorit [Kemsley] and PK [Kemsley].” Needless to say, Dorit wasn’t amused.

But don’t worry guys, Dorit has a very forgiving nature, as previously shown when her husband almost lost all of their money. Thankfully, much like PK, Erika is on the receiving end of Dorit’s generous nature. Page Six has the details.

While hosting the incredibly glamorous Homeless Not Toothless charity event (is there merch available with that name on it?), Dorit spoke on her forgiveness of Erika’s snide comment. “Obviously, neither PK or I were happy with what Erika said at BravoCon.” But she wasn’t ready to end her long-term friendship with EJ over it either. I mean, look if you aren’t going to break ties with someone who doesn’t care about widows and orphans, are you going to give a flying fig what the same person would say about your marriage?

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“You have to look at things in isolation and accept that we’ve also had a friendship for seven years,” Dorit added. She also explained Erika was “apologetic” for talking smack. Apparently EJ’s diss is fodder for Season 13 content. Which I guess is nice for Dorit because that should render her home safe from invasions this year.

“You know, we went through it. You’ll see that. I can’t tell you too much, but we’ve obviously come to the other side.” Wow, leave it to Dorit to imply such a mysterious cliffhanger. But you’ll be happy to know Dorit and PK are allegedly doing better than ever in their marriage.

She continued, “Particularly in the town that we’re in, it’s really important in marriage … to maintain [communication, transparency, trust and honesty], to keep those things close to your heart and make sure that you both stick to it.” Dorit also feels humor keeps those bonds pretty strong. “Laughing and having fun together is, for us anyway, definitely one of the things that keeps us together and close.”

PK is a pretty funny guy, I’ll definitely give him that. Speaking of PK, he was definitely not amused when EJ took a shot at his relationship. He made his feelings known on social media, but Erika said both Dorit and PK should have known “damn well” she was “joking.” Wow, thank goodness this gang weathered such an intense storm of emotions.

Erika was also at the Toothless Not Homeless Not Toothless gala. She added her two cents, “You’ll see in the show, [it was] something that got totally blown out of proportion. And it all got resolved, thank God.” Thank God is right. Erika does not need one more issue on her list of 99 problems, and court is one of them.

Glad everyone made it out on the other side of Erika’s comment. She probably only did it because if she had said Kyle and Mauricio Umansky, Kyle would have bounced her from the show. We all know what happens to people who go after Kyle. Right, Carlton Gebbia?


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images]