Top Memorable Quotes From A Real Housewives Husband

Most of the time in the Bravo world, Real Housewives will garner immediate icon status when she utters an amusing quip or unforgettable tagline. But hovering on the sidelines are the male counterparts who might also have something witty and clever to say – people just care less about it.

Today we will acknowledge some of the more memorable musings by a Househusband that left if not a mark, at least a worthwhile zinger. Some of the husbands might be replaced gone, but their words of wisdom will linger for at least another decade.

PK Kemsley / Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Ah Pantygate. Back when we were young and innocent. Some of us (me) were even less bitter before this once great show reached the murky waters of racist bots and Aspen meltdowns that may or may not have taken place. The Season 7 finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills saw a lavish party held by Lisa Vanderpump. And we found out exactly what PK Kemsley thought of Erika Jayne. All that glitters is not gold — or diamonds, or rosé. The party was lavish and the behavior was ugly. After a season of pesky fights, it all came to a head when Dorit Kemsley, Erika, and PK had a strained conversation. When Lisa Rinna found herself physically way too close to Dorit, PK swooped in to defend his wife. Rinna then lit the match and threw it directly on Dorit. “What you did to Erika for months, I’m sorry, it’s disgusting,” Rinna said, referencing the lingerie issue no one really cared about. Erika jumped in and began saying how Dorit called her “cold” and “heartless.” Then PK says, “I am upset because I’m watching you gang up on my wife.” He then added, “Erika, you’re not deliberately cold. You’re inherently cold.” The British accent just made it so… succinct. Point to Paul Kemsley. That was a great moment.

Todd Tucker / Real Housewives of Atlanta

Good ‘ol Todd Tucker is married to Real Housewives of Atlanta mogul Kandi Burruss. We were all surprised when Mama Joyce actually allowed Todd to become legally married to her daughter, but Joyce did try like hell to prevent it from happening. Many thought Todd wasn’t worthy of Kandi’s love or her joint bank account. According to Todd, not many would qualify anyway. Picture it, the Season 14 reunion. Things are tense. Marlo Hampton fires shots at Todd because she’s still mad she doesn’t have a rich husband, and Todd takes Marlo to task. The conversation began when Andy Cohen questioned Todd about Marlo’s comment that he wasn’t in Kandi’s tax bracket. Todd refuted the assertion, spread his arms wide, and said, “Everybody in this room is below Kandi’s tax bracket.” I have no notes, this was perfection.

Aaron Phypers / Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Here’s a good time to remind readers we are reviewing “best” quotes by Househusbands and “quirky” falls under the umbrella of what we are referencing today. With that, I give you Aaron Phypers, formally of RHOBH. Aaron might be married to Denise Richards, and he may have seen quite a few weird things in his life. But this man clearly was not prepared for the agony of having to sit around a bunch of women who were jealous of his wife. Denise’s husband has an unconventional healthcare job. He runs a Malibu healing center that practices “frequency medicine.” At a dinner party over at Kyle Richards’ house, Teddi Mellencamp’s boo-hooing over being called boring is no longer the weirdest thing that went down. As Aaron tried to explain the nature of his job, it became clear he had concerns over his personal welfare. Aaron bewildered everyone at the table whilst trying to explain his work at the healing center, delving into complex topics like atomic energy, cancer, and modern medical myths. This is when Denise began warning Aaron of saying too much. Then Aaron hits the room with, “I have people following me all the time.” It was explained, “certain organizations” don’t like to see the healing results his work provides because “they’d make a lot of money otherwise.” I’ll withhold comment because I don’t want anyone following me, either.

Mario Singer / Real Housewives of New York

I know we are all waiting with bated breath for the return of Real Housewives of New York starring no one we know and barely anyone we’ve ever heard of. Fingers crossed, amirite? A tense Season 3 opened with a riled-up Luann de Lesseps after losing her meal ticket spouse, Count Alex de Lesseps. Not only had Ramona Singer’s adulterous husband, Mario Singer made a harsh remark while muttering under his breath, “COUNTLESS,” Luann was still in shock. That’s right, it’s the infamous slur that went viral (if the Hamptons is considered viral.) The Countess was referred to as “Countless” by Mario, and now Lu wants an apology. She goes to town on Ramona with the kind of icy, brutal wrath we’ve come to expect from Countless Lu and Jill Zarin is right there by her side. Tears were shed, screams were heard. Mario might have called Luann “Countless,”  but years later when Ramona discovered his infidelities, Lu called it “Karma.

Ken Todd / Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The hills were alive with the sound of “GOOD-BYE KYLE!” Sources say if the wind is blowing just right on certain days, the dulcet tones of Ken Todd’s dismissal of Kyle Richards still lingers in the air. And if the weather is perfect, you can almost hear it in Encino. Probably the most memorable Real Househusband quote has to go to Lisa Vanderpump’s husband. The iconic RHOBH moment took place during the Season We No Longer Speak Of – or you can Google #puppygate. After Lisa was blamed for sharing stories to the media in an effort to make Dorit look bad, Kyle put on her best hat and rode up the mountain to confront Lisa directly. As Lisa swore her innocence on her children, her dog, her own life, and on multiple Hermés bags, Kyle held her unwavering stance. Lisa then kindly asked Kyle to get the hell out of her house while Kyle began to wonder if listening to Rinna and Teddi was the hot take she thought it was. Out of nowhere bellowed Ken with, “GOOD-BYE, KYLE!” Ken, never one not to take up for his beloved, was finally sick and tired of Kyle’s shit. Kyle and her hat swiftly departed the premises before the attack swans were summoned. Ultimately LVP quit the show and to say it has gone downhill ever since would be an understatement of epic proportions. And that, my friends, is probably the best Husband moment in Bravo history.


[Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images]