WWHL Recap: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Camille Grammer Takes Over The Clubhouse With Pete Wentz

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On last night's Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Camille Grammer graced Andy Cohen with her presence in the clubhouse.  Joining her was rocker – and Ashlee Simpson ex – Pete Wentz, who will be hosting a new tattoo competition show on Oxygen.  Andy addresses the tragedy in Boston, and declares it a night where everyone needs a drink.  That said, there is no drinking game word…you just drink when the word "Drink" flashes across the screen.  Seems easy enough for me!  The bartender is the guy who designed the logo that is Andy's face which can be found on most of the Mazel products. 

Andy opens the vault to reveal two clips of Camille scantily dressed and dancing on '90's late night shows.  She admits to having a breast reduction since those glory days.  My, my, my!  Those are some jugs.  Pete compliments the current state of Camille's rack.  The poll question involves Real Housewives of Orange County, and Andy wonders if Briana had the right to ban Brooks Ayers from her mother's house. 


We're treated to an OC newbie Lydia McLaughlin montage, and Camille diplomatically describes her as quirky.  Pete doesn't mince words when he says Lydia has crazy laser beam eyes a la Pinot Singer.  He then instructs Andy on how to make his famous GRRRR face.  Enough with the Pete filler, Cohen…let's get down to business!

Andy introduces Keeping It Real With Camille: Reunion Edition.  Although Camille didn't attend the recent RHOBH reunion, Andy wants to hear all of her unfiltered opinions.  Camille doesn't think that Adrienne Maloof could have handled being ganged up on at the reunion, and she understands why she was a no-show.  She refuses to take sides in the Brandi Glanville/Mauricio Umansky feud, although she does admit it was very uncomfortable to watch.  Camille was impressed with Yolanda Foster and Kim Richards going head-to-head, but she totally believes the Richards sisters when they said YoFo was trash talking Lisa Vanderpump.  As for Brandi, Camille thought she hit below the belt with her comments to Kyle about wanting Kim to fail, and she thinks that the Richards-Umansky/Vanderpump-Todd friendship faltered over Brandi and Adrienne's feud–not real estate.  Of the Maloof-Nassif divorce, Camille was totally shocked to hear that her friends were splitting. 

Taking to the phone lines, Camille shares that she's still dating her Greek hunk of man.  This news disappoints Andy who had hoped to make a love connection between her and Pete.  Wait, he's still there?  Another caller questions the story behind Pete and Ashlee naming their son Bronx.  Pete explains that while the child gets a lot of love from the borough, the name actually originated because they compared him to a bucking Bronco because he kicked so much in the womb.  I don't know why, but I'm not buying that story…I think it was devised when friends joked that his next kid would be called Long Island.  Bah dum ching!

Camille admits that watching herself on season one of RHOBH was very humbling, and she tells Andy that she and Kelsey Grammer still have no contact.  Referring to it as "the oddest thing," Camille hopes that one day they will be able to co-parent.  Pete shares that he and Ashlee get along really well when it comes to Bronx, and he's proud of their ability to work together as far as their son is concerned.  A caller asks Pete about his favorite housewives' song.  At first, he's confused, but he does say he's familiar with Don't Be Tardy for the Party.  Hey, who can take their eyes off a train wreck?  Not Pete, that's for sure! 

When questioned as to the authenticity of Jessica Simpson's ditziness, Pete reminds the world that she has a billion dollar empire.  Perhaps she's a secret genius!  Game time!  In honor of Pete's new hosting gig, the game is Tat Can't Be RealCamille and Pete must determine whether the tattoo pictures they are shown are real or fake.  Pete is better than Camille, but not by much.  These are some horrible tats–both real and fake.  Who would get Tony Danza inked on their arm?  Or Judge Judy?  Or a dolphin smoking a bong?  I'm floored….much like that dolphin probably was. 

Andy has Pete pleading the fifth at Pete's request.  When asked about Joe Simpson, Pete says he's a very good grandfather.  He pleads the fifth to the worst song on the radio.  As for the best and worst thing about having peen pics on the Internet, the worst thing was having that convo with his mom while the best thing is that future paramours will know what they're working with in that department.  Camille admits that her jewelry came from Anthropology.  Look at Camille shopping with the common folk!

Andy's mazel goes to the victims, families, first responders, and runners in Boston.  I still can't wrap my head around how sick people can be, but my prayers are with everyone in Boston.  There is no jackhole as Andy thanks everyone for joining him for laughter after such a tragic day.  As for the poll, sixty-two percent of y'all thought Briana had every right to ban Brooks from her mother's house. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]