Porsha Williams Says Everyone Was “Stung” In Puerto Rico; Claudia Jordan Is Taking On Kenya Moore’s “Bad Qualities.”

porsha williams in puerto rico

Porsha Williams makes no secret of where her loyalties lie on Real Housewives Of Atlanta – I mean, she’s not the smartest girl in the class, so sometimes she chooses the wrong team, right?!

Porsha was mainly an innocent by-stander in the vitriolic Puerto Rico argument that erupted between her bestie NeNe Leakes and newbie Claudia Jordan, whom Porsha says had an agenda all along. Porsha speaks out about NeNe calling Claudia a “half breed.” And feels that all the women involved intentionally made some regrettable comments that evening. 

The reason: Porsha says everyone was hungry and just lashing out! BWHAHAHAHAHA – I suppose I do get snappish when I’m hungry and as we’ve learned before: do not get between a RHOA lady and her dinner! “We didn’t get to eat much at all,” Porsha explains, “and you know you’re not yourself when you’re hungry.” So Bravo is starving the girls to make them feral and feisty? Good strategy (OSHA – are you out there?!)!


Now I do think NeNe and Claudia were exactly themselves during this debacle – hungry or no. They are both women who will rip your wig off with their teeth when they get in a fightin’ mood, and one is trying to make a name for herself, while the other is trying to maintain her dominance. Makes for a baaaad combo. 

“I feel a lot was said back and forth between the two. Claudia is very vocal about being biracial (i.e. her storyline). Can I personally say what a person can and cannot take offense to? No,” Porsha says. “In my eyes, some comments flung across that gorgeous table stung each lady a bit. But hey, seems like that was the point.”

Porsha who is now a life coach, or something, explains to us the pitfalls of arguing. Someone has been watching old episodes of Oprah! “The point is people say reckless things to one another while arguing. I just hope they can acknowledge and take responsibility and move on.” Wait – when is PORSHA gonna move-on with Kenya Moore? Oh right… those that can’t do, teach. My bad! 

In an effort of fairness, Claudia has recently been called-out for a video that shows her insulting Tiny Harris skin-tone and appearance. Tiny, naturally, was not having it and fought back on twitter. 

Continuing on, Porsha thinks Claudia’s rise to NeNe had ulterior motives. And that ulterior motive is a former beauty queen stroking her rusty crown in the background. 

“There were some comments Claudia made about NeNe’s husband being a slave, as well as mocking Nene’s pronunciation of words that made it evident to fans and myself that Claudia studied the show as a fan and decided to pile up insults and unleash them for her big break back into TV land by getting on RHOA,” believes Porsha.

“I’m not surprised the argument seemed premeditated. Claudia acting like Kenya just comes with the territory,” says Porsha to OK! Magazine. “Same can be said for Kandi and Phaedra or myself and NeNe.” Personally I don’t think it should be a goal to act like NeNe OR Kenya, crazy-ass biatches! But maybe Porsha is acting like NeNe – she did just get arrested! Bloop! 

“You would hope you would pull from the better of your friend’s qualities, not the worst as Claudia is doing with Kenya,” Dr. Porsha continues. “But hey, maybe tearing people down and coming on show in attack mode is what she used to get on the show. So I hope she is ready for how it will turn for better or for worst.”

And to Porsha, that “worst” is the emergence of NayNay (Nae Nae for the spelling challenged among us). “NeNe definitely defended herself Nae Nae style!” 

As for Phaedra Parks treating Demetria McKinney like a corner crackwhore with a self-esteem problem, Porsha agrees it was catty, but says it was all meant to be silly, and was also par for the Bravo course. “I think it was all in catty fun. We always appreciate when Bravo pays for our show to go on trips this one was no exception.”

“What’s wrong with an opinion these days? Everyone has one,” says Porsha. Everyone also has an asshole, and it seems everyone on RHOA is behaving like one too


 [Photo Credit: Bravo]