Katie Maloney in a red dress at the People's Choice Awards

Katie Maloney has seen her life undergo a lot of changes on this season of Vanderpump Rules. Her relationship to Tom Schwartz nearly crumbled over rings on strings and cheating scandals (that may or may not have happened), plus she saw her long-time BFF-hood to Stassi Schroeder fall apart. 

Katie admits it was “definitely a big growing time,” and she’s happy to have learned some important lessons in the process about friendship, her personal values, and commitment. 

According to Katie things with Tom are “great” although the couple is still working out a few kinks! “Since the summer, when we finished filming, Tom changed his attitude and has come a long way,” she describes. “The mutual respect is back and I have restored my trust in him. [His cheating] is not a pattern.”


As for Tom’s omnipresent friendship with Jax Taylor, she accepts that she’s unfortunately stuck dealing with the pathological liar and the man who loves him. “He is one of those people who is going to be in my life whether I like it or not,” Katie tells Bustle

As for ending her friendship with Stassi, Katie believes it all came down to different expectations. “It is unfortunate what happened between us was she is going in one direction and I’m going in another,” Katie explains. “I just wish she could have seen that. As difficult as it was, though, I found out what my priorities are.” 

Katie acknowledges that she became too wrapped up in making Stassi happy but not paying attention to her own happiness in the process. 

However losing one friend meant gaining another – one she is much more compatible with – in the form of Scheana Marie! “We had always been kind of friends, but now I have found a real friend in her,” says Katie. “And we are happy.”

As for whether or not Katie ever made amends with Kristen Doute, that’s a negative! Katie does run into her occasionally but they do not hang out. And it sounds like Katie plans to keep it that way! 

Well, sadly, tonight is the season finale and the drama goes into overdrive when Kristen AND Jax are confronted by Tom Sandoval about why they are obsessing about him and gossiping about his life. Last week Kristen was elated that she convinced Jax to admit that he “witnessed” the cheating in action … he thinks (he has since recanted that story). “Kristen is amazing, really. She got everything she wanted out of that dinner,” reflects Lisa Vanderpump in her blog.

Tonight all of Kristen’s efforts don’t pay off when she puts an even further distance between herself and Tom! “She got Jax to admit what she wanted to hear,” challenges Lisa, “and somehow at the end, it still feels to me like she ends up losing.”

In other season finale dramas, Stassi is finally forced to confront her past at SUR’s anniversary party, but accuses Lisa of setting her up, meanwhile Katie confronts Tom 2 about his intentions. And finally, Tom 1 and Ariana Madix take an important step in moving their relationship to the next level. Reportedly Kristen also winds up with a black eye!

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