Farrah Abraham To Make Career Changes To Adopt! Offers Advice On Coping With Grief!

Farrah Abraham celebrates Christmas

Farrah Abraham, God’s Gift to all things insightful and complex, plus mother of the year – all the years forever – is ready to teach us the secrets of successfully coping with grief and loss. But first she’s helping a child in need by adopting a sibling for Sophia

The Teen Mom OG star confirmed that she is “moving forward” with her adoption process and is “very excited” about expanding her family. 

To coincide with adopting, Farrah promises, “I will be making some changes in my career to welcome a new addition to my family.” Like no longer being a purveyor of adult toys and sex tapes? Maci Bookout would approve – and we know her approval means everything! 


“This feels so right,” Farrah exclaims to Us Weekly. “I’m very blessed for this opportunity.” Yes – but is that poor future child blessed “for” this opportunity?

Farrah’s parenting choices have been nothing short of controversial – from lavishing Sophia with thousands of dollars from the tooth fairy, to Farrah’s decisions about schooling, her rocky relationship history, to her career as a non-porn adult superstar, advocate and survivor. Some of Farrah’s other totally stable and mature choices include making death threats to her Celebrity Big Brother co-stars and battling with a company that ruined her reputation over selling her DNA for charity!

Farrah does realize that bragging about waxing her three-year-olds eyebrows on social media is visible to the adoption authorities, right? Potentially not! After all she’s delusional enough to think we won’t catch on when she fakes a boyfriend for Couples Therapy!

Despite some of the, errrr, challenges Farrah may face in the adoption process, gaining 6-year-old Sophia’s support is not one of them. “She is very open and accepting to understanding that someone else had other parents, and we would be their second parent and be a loving family to them.” 

Perhaps Farrah should stick to sponsoring a child for $9.99 a month…

In other Farrah adventures she’s imparting her vast “wisdom” on “coping with grief through the holidays.” Wearing a sparkly headband that causes me grief and totally says THERAPIST, Farrah wishes us #HappyHealing this holidays and encourages us to learn from her. She’s also suggesting cognitive therapy – like the all the good work Farrah has done with Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Jenn

Farrah shares her advice in a quick video because she felt “so compelled in her journey” she had to spread the successy-ness. 

“As many know I lost Sophia’s dad 7 years ago and I went through a serious time of depression, stress, anxiety, grieving. For others who are going through it this holiday season here are some great things I’ve done to feel better and maybe you do some of these and maybe some you will try, let me know,” writes Farrah in a rambling instagram post.  

Farrah’s Grief Tips: 

  1. Take time for you , set a timer as alone time is great but do not dwell.
  2. Think of some memorable music, movies, & food for your loved one or you love! ( that’s a favorite of mine).
  3. Write a letter of some great stuff that happened this past year, new things you’ve learned and what you hope for 2016. 
  4. Some out side activities- plant. Tree or plant and watch it grow and give back to the out doors in a positive way / also give to a favorite charity or foundation that means a lot to your or you loved one ( for families, singles parents, children) this is a must every year for me.
  5. [She skips No. 5, but resumes with 6]. 
  6. Lastly I think the world of cognitive behavior therapy you can do from home and it helps heal anxiety, depression, and get you to your happy place.

“I’m so thankful I used some of these activities to get me to a much better place,” Farrah adds. “Surround your self with positive people, and groups of people who have emotional capability to be a positive influence.”

Also if you can’t afford cognitive therapy, Farrah reminds us God and faith are a “free gift that helps amazingly.” Jesus must be out of freebies when it comes to fixing Farrah. 


Farrah and Sophia visit Derek’s grave [Credit: Instagram]

Oh – and just so you know Farrah is proud of all of us for being “amazing supporters” of FARRAH. She’s also proud of those who “take the initiative to make room for peace and remembrance.” Someone has been reading 9/11 bumperstickers! 

You can see Farrah’s so compelled journey video below! Please for the love of all things holy and healing, do not let Farrah announce her plans to write a self-help book next. I mean, maybe she can combine it with her erotica trilogy and her Christian parenting books. Stranger things have happened, right?! 


[Main Photo Credit: Instagram]