Farrah & Sophia

Farrah Abraham Brags That Daughter Sophia Is A Businesswoman & 16 And Pregnant Episodes Will Be Good Sex Ed

Everyday supermom Farrah Abraham strives to be a living example of excellence to her daughter, Sophia. With all she has created, her business achievements, and her exceptional body of literacy, the Teen Mom OG star is proud of how her own experiences are shaping Sophia’s future. And Farrah is now prepared to teach sex-ed to teens.

Seriously – Farrah is becoming a public speaker?!

Last month, Farrah and Sophia announced plans to open the children’s boutique “Sophia Laurent.” Sophia is very much a part of running the business, apparently. The seven year old is such a savvy entrepreneur that she has been earning money “since she popped out!” brags Farrah.


“I let her have her input, and I think more children should have an input on things,” Farrah tells In Touch Weekly. “It should be fun and why not make money when you’re seven years old?” Mmmmm… child labor laws?

I don’t disagree with Farrah’s decision that kids should learn money management early, but how about a good old fashioned chore chart?

Farrah is also preparing for when it’s time to teach sex-ed and luckily for Sophia, Farrah has the perfect tool at her disposal: her own appearances on 16 And Pregnant. Aaaaaahhhh… family home movies!

“I can always play those 16 and Pregnant episodes and all these things back, that’s just, like, the help and I wouldn’t take that for granted,” Farrah explains to Us Weekly. “I would use it as a big tool.”

Who better to learn the how not to’s from that not-a-porn star, not an escort Farrah!?

Yes, the the oral game of boggle that is every sentence Farrah utters is now going to be public speaking to educate teens. “I public-speak with teenagers and get to do fun things and awareness campaign. I think that’s really gotten me ready as a public speaker and gotten me ready to talk to my daughter more so than anything.”

“I’m trying to have her utilize all the wonderful things that we’ve been given from being on TV in a positive way from financial things to setting her up,” Farrah continues.

Farrah believes Sophia will be more prepared for adolescence than she was, because she doesn’t shield her daughter from the truth. “I handle things and I communicate,” she insists. “I’m educated and I can talk through my frustrations or my emotions. I wouldn’t want to create more of a stress, but I would always want to set her up for success.”

“I have gone through a bunch of stuff, and I just believe in taking it slow,” she adds. “There is really no rush.”


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