Although I ended up crying for most of the Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney wedding episode of Vanderpump Rules, I never expected to feel that way. This season was full of drunken fighting and it was hard for me (and a lot of the other viewers) to get on board and feel invested in this couple.

A LOT of people hated on Katie throughout the season – she even had her Twitter account on private for a while – but after that finale, a lot more people from the fandom were down with the Schwartz marriage. Unfortunately for them, the reunion was taped way before that finale aired, so I bet that they had a ton of tough questions to answer from the viewers.


One thing that baffled me throughout the season was the wedding budget. From the wedding invitations that were printed on towels to the designer dress to the flowers, I was in shock that their wedding cost as much as it did. Yes, I know that they do make money from being reality stars and that Katie is more than a SUR waitress, but still. During Bravo’s Daily Dish podcast, Schwartz admitted he was “not aware of the price” in regard to Katie’s $15,000 wedding dress.

Katie admitted, “I just billed him later,” which plays into my personal theory that Schwartz is low key wealthy outside of the show and that’s why he asked for a prenup, but that would be a total digression from this post. Anyway, Schwartz declared, “It was priceless. You can’t put a price on that day, but still the budget got a little bloated there. It’s okay though.”

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Even though Katie got a lot of shit for the wedding planning throughout the season, she was a way calmer bride than Scheana Marie Shay when it came to the wedding day itself. Katie was asked about this and she actually did not take the bait to shade Scheana. All she said was, “I know Scheana planed and planned for a long time, so it’s not like she wasn’t prepared. I know that I just wanted every detail to be taken care of so by the time that day came there was just nothing to worry about.” I figured that would be a perfect time to take a dig at Scheana who seems to be against Katie’s trio of friends these days on social media, but Katie did not fall for that at all.

Later in the podcast, Schwartz discussed Jax Taylor’s claims that his brothers all shared one cell phone. Schwartz admitted, “They’re not social media savvy. They don’t have Twitter or Instagram, but I relay the information.” He clarified, “They all have their own cell phones. They’re not dinosaurs.”

Schwartz added, “I was mad at him for that because they’re such great kids. I mean, they need a little tough love, but Jax was really hard on them. He did a great thing for them and I really appreciate it.” No matter what Jax says or does, it is hard for anyone in this cast to stay mad at him. I have no idea how he pulls this off, but it amazes me.

Even though Tom and Katie’s wedding was the finale episode, there is still more for the fans to enjoy this season. Yes, I’m talking about the reunion show. Katie explained, “Because I endured so much of it, by the time the reunion came around, I knew I could handle anything. It was the time to speak the final words and sort of put the period at the end of it and put it to bed.”

Katie admitted, “I got pretty much slaughtered for the last year. All summer was just tough. Social media this whole season has not be fun.” Schwartz added, “She got compared to Hitler a few times,” and Katie shared, “I have been told to kill myself.”

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Back to the reunion, Katie explained, “It feels like a release. That time to just let it go. It wasn’t fun the entire time, but I really had to swallow my pride and truthfully own some of my actions. I can’t defend everything. It was my time to address all those things and I think I did.” Let’s hope so. If anyone could use a redemption story this year, it’s Katie Maloney. This season was far from a good look for her.

Schwartz told her, “You were good. You were self-aware and you were humble and a little self-deprecating … It was a harsh season, but I think you learned a lot.” Once again I have to say: let’s hope so. It would be great for next season to be one where the audience roots for Katie like we did at the beginning of the show.


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