Eileen Davidson Continues To Defend Lisa Rinna Against Eden Sassoon; Describes PK Kemsley As “Condescending”


Does Lisa Rinna have something on Eileen Davidson. I get that they’ve been friends for years and know each other from the soap opera life, but Eileen is just so loyal to Rinna. There is definitely something to be admired there (kind of), but at the same time, I’m so confused.

Other than the blind loyalty to Rinna and dragging out that whole “affair” thing with Lisa Vanderpump, Eileen is the most level-headed person in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast. So I just don’t get how she can stick by Rinna after her crusade against Kim Richards. There is no chance that Rinna actually “forgot” that she said “Kim was close to death.” I have no idea how Eileen has been defending this all season – even after watching the episodes.


Sure, Eileen isn’t the most exciting cast member, but I at least feel like she’s sane. So I just don’t get her bowing down to Rinna. I think it’s kind of cute when she fangirls over Erika Jayne, but I cannot help being irked by her allegiance to Rinna. So if you find that just as annoying as I do, then you should stop reading now. I’m about to pick through Eileen’s latest blog.

Eileen wrote, “At Lisa V.’s gorgeous party, other things were not so pretty. Such as the ‘pile-ons’ that seemed to occur. Lisa V. used what Lisa R. said in Hong Kong to vindicate her part in what happened last year.” Well, why wouldn’t she? This is her show and Rinna is merely a interloper here to stir shit up.

And here we go with the Rinna defense. Eileen claimed, “And Kim used the issues between Dorit [Kemsley] and Lisa R. to open old wounds.” Really? “Old wounds?” Rinna rips into Kim any chance she gets. The wounds were fresh.

This one is rich: “Honestly, there’s enough to deal with, without the need to raise these issues from the past. The stuff with Lisa V. last year is over, and it has nothing to do with anything that went on this year with Lisa R. Same with Kim.” Pot, meet kettle. Eileen talked about one remark that Vanderpump made about her marriage for two seasons. Don’t get me wrong, I actually sided with Eileen on that one, but I was just over hearing about it for so long.

Eileen continued, “Both parties had come to some kind of forgiveness and acceptance, and now it’s all out there again.”

Eileen reflected, “Yes, I know I should have just guzzled my rosé and stayed quiet, but this thing with Kim needed to get dealt with. It’s like whack-a-mole. She and Lisa R. had just come to an understanding with each other at Carnie’s cheesecake party. And now we’re back to square one. I couldn’t just ignore it and let this continue in some cycle.” Nothing seemed resolved to me, especially with all of the Rinna shit-talking in her blogs, on social media, in interviews, and basically any other chance she got. Even during that episode, Rinna never seemed sorry, she was just outnumbered and had no choice but to shut up.

Every time I start to come around to Dorit, I remember that she’s married to PK Kemsley and I cannot help cringing. Eileen recalled, “It got heated. It got ugly. PK engaging did nothing to help the situation. It only made things worse. He wasn’t so much defending Dorit as condescending and insulting Erika [Girardi] and me. It just added fuel to the fire.” At this point, PK should be holding up some diamonds in the opening credits. He has more of a story line than the actual Housewives.

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Eileen recapped, “There were a lot of words thrown out during the rosé showdown. I am glad that at least Erika was able to have a genuine apology from Dorit.” I was too! I’ve been an Erika fan from day one and I hated on Dorit a lot this season, but I ended up seeing some endearing, funny, and believe it or not, likable moments in her. Obviously she and Erika are going to go at each other during the reunion, but for a moment, I had hope for an Erika and Dorit alliance with a super glam squad ready to take on the lames. It would be quite the plot twist.

I agree with Eileen on this one: “I was beyond disgusted to see PK and Ken [Todd], after the fact, making crude and sexist jokes at Erika’s expense. When is enough enough? STOP!” Oh, that “British humor.” That was truly cringe-worthy.

And then I came back to questioning Eileen’s judgment since she had the gall to declare, “Eden [Sassoon]’s vitriol for Lisa R. did seem to come out of nowhere.” Really? Rinna manipulated Eden and provided her with ammunition to take out Kim Richards. Not only that, but she also had the audacity to lean on Eden in Hong Kong when everyone was over her shit. Eden was the only one who supported Rinna against Dorit’s insinuations about Rinna used drugs. When we ALL saw that dinner in Mexico when Dorit was obviously implying that Rinna had a pill issue.

Dorit is the kind of person who loves to use vague wording with a distinctive tone all so she can get away with asking, “Well what exactly did I say?” when she’s confronted. It’s genius actually. She avoids all culpability. Seriously though – watch that Mexico dinner scene again (yes, I actually did this, multiple times) and you’ll see that Dorit was not actually telling a cute story about “getting along” with Lisa Rinna. Who would actually believe that Rinna is overdoing the Xanax? Rinna is anything but chill and zen, but then again, maybe I’m just ignorant when it comes to all this. Still at this point, I’m #TeamDorit over #TeamRinna. Rinna is just way too messy, but at least she entertains me.

I also have to add that Rinna asking “Were people doing coke in your bathroom?” was an instantly iconic moment. Taking a step back, it was a wild thing to say, but her delivery of that line (coke joke intended) during such a tense episode provided some much-needed comic relief. Why would a dozen people get up from an outdoor dinner party? It’s not like they went inside the mansion to get some fresh air? I too questioned it at the time, but I feel like Rinna should have addressed it that night.

Eileen preached, “But remember, I see and hear everything. Eden felt like she was being dismissed. Of course, when I encouraged everyone to let Eden have her say, I had no idea it was going to consist of Eden screaming at Lisa R.” Really? What show is Eileen watching? Rinna royally screwed her over this season. Eden crossed the Richards sisters and had no other story line.

I have no idea why Eileen claims that she “had no idea” Eden was going to go in against Rinna, but she continued to emphasize how shocked she was by that move. Eileen mused, “It takes a while to get your bearings, and I’ve been there. That being said, Eden’s reaction was (cough, cough) pretty extreme, especially when Lisa R. had only told her she was on her guard around her after she went to Lisa V. There were some mixed messages, such as Eden saying she’d rather be Lisa V.’s friend any day and that Lisa R. was ‘crazy,’ when moments before, she’d been yelling at Lisa R. for not giving her enough of her friendship.”

Hold up. Eden‘s delivery was absurd, but it was the season finale, she had no real story line all year, and she was doing what she could to get asked back next year. Okay, so that’s not a real excuse, but Rinna treated Eden like shit and used her as a pawn this whole season. Lisa was “guarded” after Eden exposed her for shit talking and spreading false rumors? That makes zero sense. Not only that, but it wasn’t as if Eden was actually trying to undermine Rinna. I have been hating on Eden all season for inserting herself in Kim and Kyle Richards‘s relationship without getting to know them, but she wasn’t talking to LVP so she could “rat out” Rinna. She was new to the group and wanted to know what was really going on.


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