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I really don’t understand the tension between Shep Rose and Craig Conover on Southern Charm. Aside from the fact that they are both pretty similar, I don’t see why there is so much animosity between the two of them and why they are constantly calling each other out, but it’s getting old.

During the last Watch What Happens Live episode, Shep called Craig out via tweet for calling him out on the show for trying to get with Chelsea Meissner while she was clearly with Austen Kroll. Yes, I get that sounds confusing, but they both came out swinging. Next time Andy Cohen needs to have them both in the clubhouse. That would definitely be an interesting episode.

Andy read a tweet  from Shep that said “I’m not very pleased with Craig’s vitriolic comments. Say what you will about me and Craig. But he took it to a dark level there.” Craig immediately countered, “For what? About him and Austen? I’m kind of just a straight shooter and I was over their bull crap. Everyone has a way to explain what they did, but any time you try to hook up with your friend’s girlfriend, there isn’t much I could do for him.”

I actually agree with Shep, but I just want to know why no one ever calls out Cameran Eubanks for instigating Shep to go for Chelsea even though she’s with Austen and has talked to Cameran about this several times on camera. Obviously, Shep acted of his own volition, but Cameran clearly encouraged the pursuit of Chelsea.

Speaking of, a viewer asked, “How do you feel about Cameran seeming to employ a double standard when she will defend everything Shep does, but attack everything Craig does?” Such. A. Good. Question. Especially since Cameran low key instigates the Shep drama.

Craig explained, “I don’t get it. I really found myself distancing myself from some of my closest friends this year because it just didn’t make any sense to me. Once I started doing what I was supposed to do and I got my life together, when they were still coming after me, I was like ‘There’s got to be another reason here. It really doesn’t make any sense.’ I wasn’t okay with it and it did affect our relationship. It sucked.” Apparently nothing Craig does is ever going to be good enough for this people.

And then randomly Sonja Morgan showed up and elevated the party to a whole other level. Andy asked, “Sonja you were saying that you think Craig is the Sonja of Southern Charm. Why?” I’ve never thought of that before, but it makes total sense to me. Everyone on Real Housewives of New York gives Sonja shit for all of her “business ventures” and it’s very reminiscent of all the drama around Craig taking the bar exam.

Sonja explained, “He’s very intuitive and he’s very smart. People should lay off him. He can sew. He can garden. He’s having a a great time and he can deliver.” I have no idea what Sonja meant by that last part, but I was really living for her (most likely) not sober rant. She was hysterical.

Then I got an idea of what she meant by Craig’s ability to “deliver” when Andy told her, “You also said Craig is the only one on Southern Charm with a stiff dick.” Wait. What? Yes, you read that correctly. Sonja stated, “Absolutely. I doubt the other guys. I really do and I think someone in his household should never doubt which side her bread is buttered on.” Clearly throwing some shade at Craig’s girlfriend (and roomie) Naomie Olindo with that one. Damn. She really stole the show though.

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Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

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