D’Andra Simmons Would Not Be Married If Her Husband Talked To Her The Way Mark Talks To Cary Deuber; Kameron Westcott Insists That She Doesn’t Think She’s Better Than Everyone Else

To put it mildly, Kameron Westcott has not had the best reception from Real Housewives of Dallas fans. So it’s sadly not surprising that Andy Cohen asked “Does Kameron think she is better than everyone else?” during an audience poll on Watch What Happens Live. Hopefully watching this season back will allow Kameron to get it together if she returns next season, but she doesn’t seem to be fazed by the criticism.

Maybe the reunion will be a different story though. Joining Kameron on the show was fellow RHOD newbie D’Andra Simmons and they had a lot to say about Cary Deuber and Mark Deuber’s marriage and Brandi Redmond of course.

For the record, ninety percent of viewers voting said “yes” when asked if Kameron thinks she’s better than everyone else. Nevertheless, Kameron still said, “I hope no one thinks that. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else.” Well, ninety percent of voters think that. For Kameron’s sake, I hope she’s not checking out the RHOD hashtag on Monday nights because a lot of people get that vibe. Maybe Kameron will have a Camille Grammer-esque turnaround if she’s back for a second season.

Andy asked D’Andra and Kameron about their thoughts on “Brandi’s behavior in public.” He wanted to know if she’s “trying to be funny or does she cross the line.” Without hesitation or any sense of awareness, Kameron said, “Cross the line.” D’Andra admitted, “I think she’s funny, but she does cross the line.”

Things really got interested when Andy asked about “Mark giving Cary a tough time because she wants to quit work and spend more time with her daughter” and if he “should be more supportive.” D’Andra said, “Yes. If my husband ever talked to me like that, we would not be married.” Damn. I bet her phone is blowing up with texts from Cary after that one, but then again I don’t blame her for saying it. Plenty of viewers were thinking the same thing. Kameron didn’t go that far, but she did agree with about the need to be “more supportive.”

Andy kept the questions coming. He asked D’Andra and Kameron, “What are your thoughts on everyone saying Stephanie [Hollman] kisses Brandi’s ass. Is she a different person when she’s around Brandi?” Kameron said, “Yes.” D’Andra theorized, “They’re two cheerleaders. One Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and one cheerleader for Brandi.” She did make sure to add, “I love Stephanie, but she’s a cheerleader.” Kameron threw in, “Totally different away from Brandi, yeah.”

When asked if they felt like they got hazed as the new girls, D’Andra turned to Kameron and said, “I feel like you got hazed for sure. No one hazes me.” Kameron said, “I mean, I think I got hazed by Brandi quite a few times. For sure.” And the social media users. I’m sure some haters have been tough on Kameron via Instagram and Twitter.

Andy asked about their reaction to LeeAnne Locke saying “Cary’s husband Mark gets his d sucked at the round up.” Kameron said, “It’s so ridiculous. I just had to laugh.” Really? This is the one thing that Kameron actually laughs at? She hasn’t cracked a smile at a single joke, but she finds this to be funny? D’Andra explained, “It’s none of my business or LeeAnne’s business or anyone’s business. Whatever they want to do with their marriage is their business.” Andy categorized her response by saying, “it’s continuing the rumor.” D’Andra followed up with, “I am sorry about the whole situation. I hope it’s not true and I don’t know the answer to the question.”

A viewer wondered if D’Andra and Kameron “believe that Cary had an affair with her husband now while she was the nanny.” Kameron said, “I don’t think it’s my business. I really don’t care about whatever happened. I love them both.” D’Andra said, “I plead the fifth,” before sharing, “I feel like everything is really suspect, but at the same time I’ve known Cary for like twelve years or something and I was not around during the time she was involved with Mark. I don’t care. They’re happily married. Whatever. It’s fine with me.”

D’Andra was asked if “Kameron has overreacted a lot this season to what others take at a joke.” D’Andra said, “No because that’s Kameron’s personality. I think it’s fabulous.” As much as I live for D’Andra, she is definitely in the minority on that one.

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Photo Credit: Bravo/Charlies Sykes

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