Jenelle Evans Marriage To David Eason Already In Trouble?

Jenelle Evans just tied the knot with David Eason in the abandoned lot she calls “home” in front of Teen Mom 2 fans friends, but not family, but apparently there’s already trouble in swamplandia.

In the least surprising news ever it seems that Jenelle and David’s drama is being dragged to social media. Jenelle seems to think twitter is an licensed therapist. Anyway, the Teen Mom 2 star recently removed a photo of her wedding day, then changed her relationship status on Facebook. Because that’s how mature people – parents! – deal with relationship difficulty.

To add fuel to the speculative fire, Jenelle also posted a video of Hailee Steinfeld’s “Let Me Go” – a song about breaking up and breaking free.

Meanwhile in an even MORE drastic indicator of trouble David deleted his entire Facebook page! I know what you’re thinking here: Wait – people still use Facebook? Kidding – what you’re really thinking is who even thought these two would last this long.

Jenelle Calls David A Perfect; Brags About The Secret To A Happy Relationship 

Of course, we all know David and Jenelle will break up and make-up a hundred times (and have 62 million more pregnancy scares in between) before things finally end in a massive firework display of chaos and social media postings. And of course, despite all the Facebook ridiculousness, according to Radar Online Jenelle recently Snapchatted a photo of her and David hunting. Cause these two having gun permits is really a wonderful thing!

This has been a relationships fraught with issues form Day 1 – including David’s rocky past! Naturally Jenelle just blissfully went ahead and got knocked up anyway, and also turned over the parenting responsibility for her other children as well. Cause first comes baby, then comes psychosis love, then comes Jenelle and David in a jail cell!

Jenelle nearly called off her wedding to David – one day before she was supposed to walk down the aisle. Then David had a massive blowup over balloons at the TM2 reunion taping. Multiple sources, including Jenelle’s estranged mother Barbara have called David controlling and expressed worry about his relationship with Jenelle. Even Jenelle’s reformed disaster ex-Nathan Griffith is concerned – he’s taking Jenelle to court for custody of Kaiser.

Maybe all this fighting had something to do with the recent MTV special about all Jenelle’s exes? Which featured Nathan, Courtland Rodgers (her first ex-husband!), Gary Head (another former twitter fighting recipient), Jace’s mysterious father Andrew Lewis, and of course Kieffer!!! David, never to miss a moment to garner some fame or attention, was also part of it as the honored CURRENT fling. What an accomplishment!


[Photo Credit: Instagram]