Andy Cohen Is Happy Camille Grammer Is Sharing Her Feelings Again; Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Thinks Erika Girardi Leaving Her Beachhouse Was “Sneaky”

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15026 -- Pictured: Camille Grammer -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

The Camille Grammer that we “met” during Season 1 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back on our television screens. Well, at least the aspects that made for amazing TV.  She’s left the negative attributes in the past. This time around, Camille is on the right side of history (i.e. putting Dorit Kemsley in check) and it is everything.

Camille is back on her game and new cast member Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is adjusting to the Housewife life. They both joined Andy Cohen in the clubhouse to discuss all of the latest Beverly Hills drama during their joint appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

Andy opened with a softball question: “You’re the new girl. Are you having fun?” Teddi told him, “I would say that I have a lot of good times, but there are some rough ones too.” That’s how it goes in this franchise. Teddi emphasized, “I am comfortable. I think I was more out of my element with how people may respond to it. I’m comfortable with what I’m doing.” She is comfortable and accountable, of course.

Then Andy grilled Camille about her upcoming wedding with David C. Meyer. Camille declared, “I just know he’s the right man to me.” Andy asked, “Which Housewives will score invites?” Camille told him, “All of them.” Really? Does that include Dorit? Dorit seems like the kind of person who would wear a white gown to someone else’s wedding, but she might (inadvertently) add some comedic relief.

Andy continued with his investigation. He asked, “After you get married, are you going to change your last name or stick with Grammer?” Camille revealed, “Probably change it.” She also said “yes,” when she was asked about getting a prenup, but she made sure to add in “Sorry, David.”

Then they played that glorious scene (which I rewound and replayed several times) of Camille verbally checking Dorit in the hallway at Teddi’s beach house. Dorit told Camille, “You’re so silly.” Without skipping a beat, Camille breezed right past her (literally) and said, “Oh, please. Call me silly? You called me a cunt. That’s silly.” Yes, it is.

Andy pointed out, “I do feel like you got so burned Season 1 that you have been editing yourself and when I saw you say that I was like ‘OK. Camille is starting to speak her feelings again.'” That is exactly how I felt. Camille is back and she is here to play. Camille agreed and admitted, “I felt that was very raw. Absolutely.”

Andy threw some shade of his own when he remarked, “Dorit must have really toned arms, because she’s been stirring it nonstop.” Yes, she has. Love her or hate her, Dorit is doing the most to earn that diamond in the opening credits.

Andy asked Teddy and Dorit, “If you were Lisa, would you be mad at Dorit for what she said? I mean, was it bad what she said?” Teddi said, “I don’t think Dorit is a malicious person. Do I think she talks a lot? Yes.” Teddi added, “I think she’s a good person that sometimes gets a little too invested in a story, maybe.” If it wasn’t for Dorit, this season would be dead in the water. She is perfecting this villain role and giving us all something to talk about every Tuesday night.

Even so, Teddi did admit that her father, John Mellencamp, started watching the show and told her, “I wish you wouldn’t argue with that Dorit. She seems nice.” I don’t blame a novice viewer for thinking that, but squaring off against a maligned cast member (and succeeding) is the best way for Teddi to guarantee a return to the show next season.

A caller asked Teddi, “Looking back on the episode, do you feel like Erika [Girardi] wanted to leave your house the entire time she was there?” Teddi started to say, “I think it was a little bit sneaky in the terms that she left.” Camille interjected with a supportive, “Yeah.” Teddi continued, “Which is kind of what got me upset. I didn’t care that she left. I put it in the invite to stay wherever you want. It was just the way it happened felt a little….” She never actually finished that sentence, but she did have a choice facial expression.

Camille stepped in to defend Teddi, adding, “And she never told her that she wasn’t feeling well.” Teddi said, “Even though she told everyone else I had no idea.” Camille shared, “I didn’t know either because I arrived later that evening.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo