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Ariana Madix & Tom Sandoval Sound Off On Scheana’s Robsession, James & Lala’s Flirtation, & Patrick Meagher’s Behavior Toward Stassi Schroeder

Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Monday has become my favorite day of the week. I hate to say this, but the cast’s problems get worse and worse and my Mondays just get better and better. Ultimately I want the best for them all and I view them all as friends in my head, but I have to admit that their drama always provides me with premium entertainment.

There is never a filler episode and almost every episode introduces multiple story lines. There is just always so much to dissect and poke fun at. Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval discussed the podcast drama between Billie Lee and Stassi Schroeder, Scheana Marie’s constant mentions of her now-ex-boyfriend Rob Valletta, James Kennedy’s one-sided flirtation with Lala Kent (in front of his girlfriend Raquel Leviss), and some other Vanderpump Rules hot topics.

The most loyal couple on the show made a joint appearance on the Pump Rules Podcast. Of course they had to discuss the miscommunication when Ariana warned Billie to be careful if she wanted to do Stassi’s podcast. Ariana maintained,

“I never once called her racist. I never did. Not on Twitter, not in life, I never once did it. I just wanted Billie to know that she was going into a place on a podcast where she had an opportunity to really impart her knowledge onto Stassi. That’s really what I said, but I just said it in a more heated manner.”

As messy as that whole situation was, Ariana shared, “I honestly think that it was a teaching moment for all of us, on my end as well, on being patient, being more kind, being more open.” Tom interjected to emphasize, “[Stassi] basically told Lisa [Vanderpump] that Ariana was calling her a racist and that’s not true. That’s screwed up.” Yes it is.

Ariana revealed, “We’ve talked since that episode has aired. I think this is a lesson we are all learning. We’re all kind of going through it, but I really am starting to see that she’s looking at it in a different way. She’s getting all these different perspectives from people that are seeing it air.”

Speaking of learning lessons, part of me hopes that Scheana reels it in after watching her Robsessed comments. On the other hand, Scheana’s comments make me laugh every single week. So in conclusion I just want Scheana to keep up the good work. Scheana’s commentary is another one of those gifts that keeps on giving. I may feel that way, but Scheana’s close friend Ariana admitted, “I cringe” when she watches Scheana’s comments this season.

Ariana revealed, “I cringe. The thing is that I love the girl. I do. I’ve actually had people tweet at me ‘I really love you, but I hold back because I don’t understand why you’re friends with Scheana.’ Someone was like ‘I feel like there’s got to be something wrong with you, if you’re friends with Scheana.'” Damn.

She continued, “Here’s the thing, you don’t actually know her. There’s a lot of really amazing things about this person. There’s a reason why I want to be friends with her. It’s because she’s super sweet.” Ariana explained, “She’s sunshine and rainbows to a fault and I think that’s what you’re seeing a lot of. It’s almost because you know that it’s not right for her. That’s why it’s cringey.” Knowing that Scheana and Rob are no longer dating makes the running list of compliments especially awkward to watch. Likewise, it was vicariously embarrassing to watch Scheana brag about her marriage all last season even though the viewers knew that she filed for divorce.

Scheana may have been the star of that cast trip to Big Bear, but James brought some entertainment and scandal as well. He would not leave Lala alone. He was constantly touching her and making inappropriate comments to her in front of his girlfriend. Tom remarked, “Ariana, I’m sure you would be annoyed if you just saw me with some girl that I had hooked up with before. If you were Raquel and I was James kind of laughing and like whatever with Lala, you would probably be pretty annoyed.” Ariana agreed and added, “I would be very not OK.

Tom shared his analysis of James and Raquel’s relationship: “Because they’re gone and away from each other a lot, I feel like James feels this magic and they feel this magic between them and you know like distance makes the heart grow fonder, but you know at the end of the day, it doesn’t seem to me that they are on quite the same page nor are they really good friends. I don’t see them joking around or being goofy. I feel like it’s just this love and then James has Lala as his friendship slash sort of… slight tension… unrequited something.” Tom clarified, “I don’t think that she has anything toward James, but I think that James might a little bit towards her.” The flirtation is definitely one-sided. Tom also called out James for hating on Lala’s man Randall Emmett: “I cant believe the shit that came out of his mouth. I would have f**king decked him.”

Then in a pretty surprising turn of events, both Tom and Ariana came to Stassi’s defense after watching her ex Patrick Meagher’s comments at her birthday party. He told her it was OK for her to have sex with other guys as long as there weren’t any emotions involved. He also blocked her on all forms of media while he went on a vacation with his friends. Even the Stassi haters had to sympathize with her while watching that episode.

Ariana confessed, “Watching it and seeing all the things…Oh my god….The micro-aggressions that come from Patrick are sickening. Absolutely f**king sickening.” Tom added, “Sickening.” It really was.

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